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BY Hope Nunnelley

Top 10 Podcasts of 2021

What are our top 10 podcasts of 2021? I typically spend the last month of every year reading top 10 lists and recaps of the last 12 months (biggest takeaways, lessons learned, wish lists for the New Year, etc.). Seeing a list of top trends and overarching themes from the past year helps me reflect on my own personal growth and feels like an appropriate “nod” to the ending calendar year. We published a “Top Podcasts of the Decade” list last year, but I was curious as to which 2021 episodes were the most popular.
So, I did a little bit of research and came up with a list of our most downloaded podcast episodes for 2021.
At the end of 2020, our Senior Vice President, Joel Junker, conducted an interview with our CEO, Chuck Alvarez, to discuss the year in review. Reviewing the year that was 2020, how it affected businesses, military transitions and hiring top-tier talent was an interesting conversation.
This episode was part two of “Silver Linings” where Chuck defined the word “transition”, or at least how we define that word. In the process, he provided some much needed clarity and tangibility to how JMOs can define their own transitions.
Transition coach, Rob Davis, hosts a round-table with five August Career Conference alumni to discuss their Conference experiences, top tips and lessons learned.
This podcast episode explores the fact that we all make decisions in either isolation or in relation to other choices and how relativity can be a very powerful tool. In the military, we’ve been trained to compare at least three courses of action relative to each other. Listen and learn how the power of comparison can play a part in a military transition.
In this interview, we interview Dave Hanson. Dave transitioned from the Army to Love’s Travel Stops in 2015 and shares his perspective on career management to include self-development, being a giver and the value of the part-time MBA.
On this episode, we interviewed Matt Beliveau about his leadership lessons. Twenty years ago, Matt transitioned from an Army Officer to a Human Resource Specialist at General Mills.  Today, he is the Chief Human Resources Officer of Sarah Lee Frozen Bakery.
On the forefront of every job seeker’s mind? How to interview during a global pandemic. On this episode, we interview Madeline Calves. Madeline is a former USMC Communications officer who attended our very first virtual Career Conference in April 2020.
Joel Junker shares his interview tips on how to tackle this question. During this episode he covers: the why behind the question, tips on how to balance being specific with your goals, and how to demonstrate interest.
This interview was conducted with Cameron-Brooks alumni, Stevie Solano. The conversation covers a variety of topics, but revolves around creating your own career path. Stevie shares her personal experience on how she managed her career and landed her current role.
In August of 2021, conducted a follow-up interview with Chuck to cover his insights on the market and the state of the economy. He spends much of his time exploring the opportunities that companies bring to Cameron-Brooks and so he has a daily, first-hand account of what is happening in the economy.
These are our top 10 podcasts of 2021! We hope you enjoy these interviews as much as we did. To stay connected, I would encourage you to also check out our website, YouTube Channel, follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our podcast here.