Are you Marketable?

One of the first things we get asked is, “How will my specific educational and military backgrounds translate to Corporate America? And why would leading companies find me more valuable than other candidates currently in the business world?”

Those are important questions and we can help you get answers. There are several criteria that will boost your marketability in the business world. They include, but are not limited to:

Your degree specialty and your degree level can affect your marketability.

Having leadership roles in the military will help show your ability to lead and influence others to achieve results.

Your military responsibilities may have included specific industry work like engineering, but even tactical combat roles come with characteristics critical in today’s business world, like quick decision making and leadership.

This can include sports, commendations, honors, rank, etc. These all show your tenacity for success.

While you may be able to secure an offer in your desired location, a deal-breaker location mindset may hold you back from finding the best opportunity for you.

We can tell you all that — and more — through a Personal Marketability Assessment (PMA). Before you even make the decision to exit the military, we highly recommend you take advantage of this one-on-one meeting with an experienced Cameron-Brooks recruiter to review your resume and gain insight on your own unique probability of success.

This beneficial meeting can either be done in person when we visit your area or over the phone. It is free of charge and comes with no obligation to Cameron-Brooks.

Before scheduling your PMA, you must first watch the “Considering A Business Career? What You Should Know” webcast or attend an Information Meeting presented at one of our Base Visits near you.