• Episode 102 – Tips on How a JMO Can Impress a Corporate Recruiter

    What are the best tips on how to impress a corporate recruiter for a JMO? We cover this topic (and more!) in our latest podcast with special guest, Frances Cole Jones. Junior Military Officers (JMOs) are taught to be calm under pressure, to stay even keeled and be short and to the point when speaking … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 101 – How A Former Olympic Qualifier Bet On Himself

    Welcome back! On this episode we meet Bryce Saddoris, former Marine and Olympic qualifier. Bryce launched his career as a Sales Representative at Altec after serving as a USMC Ground Supply officer. For the first part of Bryce’s military career he was on the USMC Wrestling Team and the U.S. National Olympic team. Bryce had … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 100 – How Corporate America Discovered the JMO :: Lessons from the Founders of Cameron-Brooks

    We are celebrating our 100th podcast with special guests Roger Cameron and René Brooks, founders of Cameron-Brooks and the Junior Military Officer (JMO) recruiting industry. Roger launched the JMO recruiting industry during the Vietnam War as veterans looking for work transitioned back into civilian life.  Consequently, because of the Vietnam draft, Corporate America needed to … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 99 – How To Go From JMO To Derivative Trader

    Welcome back to the podcast! On this episode I interview Brent Whiteman. Brent is a former Air Force officer who transitioned to Corporate America as a Derivative Trader in 2015. He holds a BS in Management from the United States Air Force Academy, and, upon commissioning, Brent was afforded the opportunity to attend Harvard where … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 98 – Selling in a COVID-19 World

    Welcome back! On this episode of the podcast I interview Greg Payne. Greg is a former Army Infantry officer who transitioned in 2019 after attending a Cameron-Brooks Career Conference. Greg launched his business career at Abbott, a Fortune 500 Global Healthcare Company and specifically started within Abbott’s Point of Care division. Today on the podcast, … Continue reading “Podcast”