• Episode 74 – JMO Transition: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

    Are you a JMO considering a military transition?  Well did you know that one tire on a wheel loader for mining equipment retails for over $75,000?  Did you also know that the type of tire a farmer uses on their equipment significantly impacts future crop yield due to soil compression? Until I interviewed Mike Morookian, … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 73 – From Army Officer to Account Manager – Lessons Learned

    Welcome back! On this most recent podcast episode, we feature Ben Sewell’s JMO transition from Army officer to Account Manager in Corporate America. Ben made the transition from the military to Corporate America in 2014. He’s in an Account Management role at Altec. In this episode we discuss: What Altec is and what they do … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 72 – The Difference Between a Cameron-Brooks Hiring Conference and a Job Fair

    Do you know the difference between a Job Fair and Hiring Conference? Unfortunately, many JMOs mistakenly think all transition searches and services are the same.  The reality is: most of these searches and services are Job Fairs that end up being more of a networking event instead of an interviewing opportunity. Cameron-Brooks breaks this mold. … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 71 – JMO Transitions Without Industry Background

    Welcome back to the Cameron-Brooks podcast on JMO transitions! This episode features Chris Wilkerson, a former USMC Combat Engineer Officer who transitioned in 2015 and went to work for Davita Kidney Care. Davita is a healthcare company focused on providing a suite of dialysis services to patients with End Stage Renal Disease. What did Chris … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 70 – How The Best JMO Job Can Lead To The Best Location

    Hello! And welcome back to another episode of the Cameron-Brooks podcast: helping you find the best JMO job after leaving the military. In this episode, I interview Mike Wilkinson. Mike is a former Navy Surface Warfare Officer with a Bachelors and Masters in Communication.  Mike transitioned out of the Navy through the Cameron-Brooks Career Search … Continue reading “Podcast”