• Episode 149 – What is a Transition Strategy? Why You Might Need One…

    What is a transition strategy? Do you need one? We tackle this topic on our most recent Cameron-Brooks podcast episode. Today, we’re hosting another round-table discussion with Joel Junker and Pete Van Epps to share with you our THREE game-changing strategies for junior military officers looking to make the jump to business and WHY it’s … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 148 – A Career Journey Around the World

    Welcome back to the Cameron-Brooks podcast. Today we’re publishing one of our MOST DOWNLOADED episodes, “From USMA to Infantry Officer to Iraq to Senior VP of Supply Chain in Switzerland,” with Steve Joachim. From the original podcast blog text, Joel wrote: Steve Joachim, USMA ’97, Iraq War Veteran and Cameron-Brooks Alumnus, talks about how he … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 147 – Why Companies Hire from Cameron-Brooks

    Welcome back! I am glad to introduce you to Lauren Kordzik. Lauren is an Associate Principal at Cameron-Brooks. Her role in the company is to work directly with companies who want to hire Junior Military Officers (JMOs). During our conversation, she shares more about why companies hire from Cameron-Brooks. Lauren has an interesting background – … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 146 – What Transitioning from the NFL and the Military Have in Common

    Transitioning from military officer to business leader is a big change.  Military and business careers present different professional and personal cultures.  For example, they compensate and promote differently, and although the skills and experiences relate across the domains, functional experience rarely does.  It is a big change to leave the military and enter civilian life … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 145 – How Much Money Can I Make?

    Today on the podcast, we’re featuring a special discussion revolving around one of the most frequently asked questions that we are asked by Junior Military Officers: How much money can I make? A concern we often hear from military officers who are considering a transition is salary. Transition Coach, Rob Davis, covers the topic of … Continue reading “Podcast”