• Episode 154 – DoD Skillbridge Program: One JMO’s Experience

    One of the programs that the Department of Defense (DoD) recently launched is the Skillbridge program. Skillbridge is an opportunity for transitioning service members and their spouses to gain valuable civilian work experience through specific industry training, apprenticeships, and internships. The program assists retiring and transitioning service members by allowing them to participate in industry … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 153 – 3 Key Characteristics Hiring Managers Look for in a JMO

    This month I celebrate my 23rd year at Cameron-Brooks! Wow, time flies! Funny thing is that I still think of myself as a new team member at Cameron-Brooks because I am always learning something new, and each JMO I work with is unique. Even though I look at myself as someone new to the business, … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 152 – How a JMO Can Build a Track Record of Success

    Welcome back to the podcast! In a recent episode, Joel, Hope, and I discussed the 3 Game-Changing Strategies that JMOs can employ to maximize their transition. The podcast is based on a recent transition guide with the same title. The first strategy we recommend is to find opportunities where a JMO can build a track … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 151 – 3 Recession Myths Every Transitioning JMO Should Know

    Today on the podcast, we tackle 3 recession myths every JMO should know. As I write this post, I am flying from El Paso to Denver for a week-long trip through the Southwest US to meet with Junior Officers preparing for their transitions.  In my one-on-one meetings, officers are asking more questions about the economy. … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 150 – 3 Transition Strategies from an Executive Search Consultant

    Welcome back to the Cameron-Brooks podcast.  2017 Cameron-Brooks Alumnus Nick Henderson and I talk about the recently published Cameron-Brooks Transition Guide, “3 Game-Changing Strategies for JMOs Making the Jump to Business“.  Nick is a Consultant with Russell Reynolds Associates (RRA), a leading executive search and leadership advisory company.  Nick is a great example of making … Continue reading “Podcast”