• Kicking Off the Football Season (E181)

    We are in mid-September and kicking off the football season.  With Cameron-Brooks Team Members who attended Texas A&M, Baylor, Notre Dame, West Point, and the Naval Academy, we are huge college football fans. Football is a holiday season here in Texas, you know. So, to celebrate, I hosted a podcast with my good friend, Troy … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • The Transition from Military to Corporate- We Understand (E180)

    Choosing to make a move from the military is an important decision and one that most military officers do not make lightly. We understand. At Cameron-Brooks, we have over a half-century of experience helping military officers navigate that decision. Our company is led by our CEO, Chuck Alvarez, who transitioned from the Army in 1993, … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Four Promotions in Six Years – The Successful JMO Transition (E179)

    Ted Lindell is a former Marine Corps F18 Officer who transitioned to a business career with Conagra Brands in 2017. His transition journey started in 2015 when Ted and his wife, Carrie, reflected on what they wanted for their family. They decided they no longer wanted the long deployments and the risk of Ted’s flight … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • One Year in Corporate America—Lessons Learned (E178)

    You’ve already met Quinton Cookis. We actually featured him a year ago on Episode 154 of the podcast. Now he’s experienced one year in Corporate America. Quinton is a former USMC Logistics officer who attended the June 2022 Carrer Conference. He interviewed with 14 different hiring groups and launched his career with Campbell Soup Company … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Why I Trust Cameron-Brooks with My Transition (Ep. 177)

    In this episode,  JMO Brock Dudley explains: “Why I trust Cameron-Brooks with my transition to business.” As a transitioning Junior Military Officer (JMO), you have several options for making the transition. You can do it on your own, attend full-time grad school, attend a job fair, or partner with one of the several recruiting firms. … Continue reading “Podcast”