• Episode 86 – How JMO Leadership Translates to a Financial Career

    Thank you for listening to another episode of the Cameron-Brooks Podcast. In this episode, Kilian Wald, Associate Finance Manager at Stryker, joins me for a conversation about his transition from an Army Air Defense Officer to a development candidate career in Finance with Stryker Medical.  In less than two years with Stryker, Kilian has already … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 85 – Career Management – The Possibilities are Endless

    Welcome Back! In this podcast episode, I interview Kirby Rolfe (Kastner). She is a former Army Transportation officer who transitioned to Corporate America in  August 2016. She launched her business career with Boston Scientific as a Senior Production Planner. We had a great conversation and covered a lot of ground in a short amount of … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 84 – How JMOs Can Break Into Big Data Career Fields

    Welcome to another episode of the Cameron-Brooks Podcast!  Have you heard about Big Data, Data Analytics or Artificial Intelligence?  Wonder why it is so important in business today? Curious how JMOs can break into big data career fields? In this episode I interview Cameron-Brooks Alumnus, Jason Papale, who is a Senior Operations Business Analyst at … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 83 – How Long Does It Take To Transition?

    Welcome back! I’m excited to bring you my conversation with Brian Fitzgerald. Brian is a former Army Infantry officer who transitioned to an Engineering Project Management role within Boston Scientific in 2016. We started the conversation by discussing Brian’s transition. He had 12 interviews at the Cameron-Brooks Career Conference and all of the companies he … Continue reading “Podcast”

  • Episode 82 – What it’s Like for a JMO to Work in the Hi-Tech Industry

    Several listeners have requested to hear about what it’s like for a JMO to work in the hi-tech industry.  In Episode 81, Cameron-Brooks Alumnus, Eric Dvorak, describes his work with the Corning Emerging Innovations Group.  We wanted to follow that episode up with another alum in the hi-tech industry but with a different type of … Continue reading “Podcast”