Cameron-Brooks—the best JMO recruiting firm for military-to-business transition career coaching and preparation.

We help junior military officers match their skill sets and interests with Corporate America and support officers as they weigh their options outside of the military and answer questions like:

  • “What types of positions do I qualify for?”
  • “What kind of compensation can I expect?”
  • “What can I do to improve my marketability?”

Leverage over 50 years of military-to-business career and transition coaching to completely transform your future. Cameron-Brooks is your resource for:

  • Understanding all of YOUR options
  • Realizing YOUR business potential
  • Properly preparing for transition success
  • Sharpening your interviewing skills
  • Accessing life-changing interview opportunities

95% of candidates earn offers through the
Cameron-Brooks career search process.

100% of the candidates are pursued
by companies from the career conference.

Too good to be true?

Listen to Cameron-Brooks alumni, Jeaneace Kelly, share her transition journey and her decision process behind partnering with a military recruiting firm.

Career Conference Preparation

Marine Corps Engineer Officer, Micah Knight, shares how the Cameron-Brooks team helped him prepare for his 16 interviews at our career conference.

Trusting the Cameron-Brooks Process

CPT Amado Gonzalez is an Engineer officer who graduated from USMA in 2012. He shares his experience in trusting the Cameron-Brooks process.