In response to COVID-19, we will be conducting our Hiring Conferences virtually through August, as well as all other appointments through December. We remain steadfastly dedicated to providing our companies with the high caliber talent they need to weather any storms like this in the future.

Cameron-Brooks — the best JMO recruiting firm for military-to-business transitions.

For over 45 years, Cameron-Brooks has been successfully introducing America’s top companies to our military’s most elite Junior Officers. As the founder and leader in the JMO recruiting firm industry, Cameron-Brooks has not only perfected the training and in-depth preparation required for Junior Military Officers to succeed in the business world, but has also streamlined the process in which companies can source, interview, land and, retain critical leaders.

On average, 93% of the candidates who attend our conference receive employment offers.

99% of Cameron-Brooks candidates are
pursued by companies at every hiring conference.

Determination, Focus, and Preparation

CPT Chris Hardeman, Army Intelligence Officer, discusses how the determination, focus, and preparation he put in created a successful career conference.

Interviewing with Quality Companies

Sigan Wilson, USAF Civil Engineer, expresses the confidence she feels after interviewing with some high-quality companies at the Career Conference.

Trusting the Cameron-Brooks Process

CPT Amado Gonzalez is an Engineer officer who graduated from USMA in 2012. He shares his experience in trusting the Cameron-Brooks process.