Noorddin Alsawfta

Army Infantry Officer
Senior Project Manager Development of NextEra Energy

Do you want to take control of your post military career? The one way to assure your success is to understand the career options your military experience can bring you. Listen to former Army Infantry Officer, Noorddin Alsawfta, talk about the opportunities that he was presented after doing a full career search with Cameron-Brooks. Check it out!

Lauren Seedor

Army Intelligence Officer
Associate Financial Manager of Campbell Soup company

Listen to former Army Intelligence Officer, Lauren Seedor talk about her military transition experience and how she landed a career with Campbell Soup Company as a Associate Financial Manager. How did she crush the interviews at the Cameron-Brooks Career Conference? She has some great advice.

Javy Rodriguez

Army Infantry Officer
Senior Project Manager Development of NextEra Energy Resources

Are you wanting a post-military career full of advancement and leadership? Then listen to former US Army Captain, Javy Rodriguez (West Point Academy) tell you what it means to be a Development Candidate and why it’s an important part of the transition process. This is great advice for anyone thinking about a long-term, successful, post military career.

Colin Davis

Army Infantry Officer
Project Manager of Ascend Elements

Listen to how this US Army Infantry Officer dealt with multiple delays in his transition timing. He has great advice for anyone in the same situation and explains how Cameron-Brooks will work with your timing — no matter what that looks like.

Andrew Barrie

Navy Surface Warfare Officer
Operations Manager of Love's Travel Stops

This Navy Surface Warfare Officer explains how he successfully transitioned to business while stationed in Japan by partnering with Cameron-Brooks, and gives valuable advice for any JMO thinking they need to return state-side for a few years before starting transition preparation.

Cory Anderson

Army Artillery Officer
Senior Project Manager of NextEra

Cameron-Brooks candidate, Cory Anderson, connected with Cameron-Brooks and never looked back. Listen to him reflect on his experience from first meeting to the completion of his Career Conference.

Sam Hurchala

Army Aviation Officer
Regional Operations Director of Brightview Health

Listen to former Army Aviation Officer, Sam Hurchala, talk about the preparation he experienced during his partnership with Cameron-Brooks. The Cameron-Brooks preparation program is one-of-a-kind. It enables JMO candidates to hit the ground running on day ONE at their new company. But it takes work — and a new mindset.

Savannah Van Laar

Army Logistics Officer
Account Executive of Lukka

Army Officer, Savannah Van Laar, talks about her military-to-business transition experience with Cameron-Brooks. From the preparation to the Career Conference, she explains how Cameron-Brooks had her back every step of the way. “You guys believed in me!”

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