Joe Meinjueiro

Army Infantry Officer
Operations Manager of Aluma Systems

The Cameron-Brooks experience significantly exceeded my expectations and I think the program will have great impact on my opportunities for advancement. The biggest value, in my opinion, is having Cameron Brooks alumni on the hiring end. This is living proof that the process works, and that alumni look for the same people several years down the road.

Bridget Walton

Marine Corps Command and Control Officer
Account Executive of Motorola Solutions

Working with C-B is the exposure to high quality, varied opportunities. This partnership is the best way to get in front of a large group of high quality employers in a short time period. Job opportunities aside, the improvement in interviewing skills is unavoidable.

d’Andre Benjamin

Air Force Finance Officer
Production Supervisor of Stryker Corporation

Cameron-Brooks accelerates the civilian job interview process and do understand that the value that each officer has that will be placed into corporate America. With discussions with each company, they helped mold us to becoming very successful leaders in the future.

Ryan Landeen

Navy Nuclear Power Surface Officer
Application Sales Engineer of Messer Americas

My favorite aspect of the Cameron-Brooks experience was the wisdom. Their logic, experience and professional guidance opened up my mind to the countless possibilities for the future.

Bobby Nefzger

Navy Supply Officer
EP Sales Representative of Boston Scientific CRM

The benefit of working with Cameron-Brooks is having a powerhouse team of professionals working to ensure your success.

Ryan Clark

Marine Corps Field Artillery Officer
Field Clinical Representative of Boston Scientific

C-B takes easily takes care of 90% of the career search process. All they ask is that we honestly communicate interests, practice interview answers, and trust the process. Every alumni that I have talked to assured me that trusting the process would lead to success.

Ryan Leahy

Army Intelligence Officer
Distribution Center Manager of Shaw Industries Group

Working with Cameron-Brooks is such a valuable experience; you would be ignorant to at least not give it a chance. The preparation from both interview prep and resume build is worth it alone, let alone getting set up with some of the best companies in the country without having to search through job boards that typically lead to dead ends.

Billy Cattron

Army Infantry Officer
Account Manager of Altec Industries

The benefit of working with Cameron-Brooks is having access to great networking, great opportunities, and a great coaching organization.

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