Matt Mousley

USMC Air Defense Control Officer
Six Sigma Black Belt of TAMKO

Listen to former USMC Air Defense Control Officer, Matt Mousley, as he talks about his experience partnering with Cameron-Brooks and how that helped him launch a new career in business.

Cat Morris

USNA '17
Navy Surface Warfare Officer
Senior Account Manager of Motorola Solutions

Hear from Cat Morris, former Navy Surface Warfare Officer, who attended the November 2023 Cameron-Brooks Career Conference. She’ll talk about her experience, her advice for others contemplating an military exit to business.

Nate Marshall

CPT, Field Artillery
Clinical Territory Associate of Intuitive Surgical

Meet Nate Marshall, former Army Field Artillery Officer. Listen to him talk about his experience with Cameron-Brooks and how he diligently prepared for his Career Conference—while deployed!

John Hendrick

United States Naval Academy
Navy Surface Warfare Officer
Clinical Territory Associate of Intuitive Surgical

John Hendrick, former Navy Surface Warfare Officer (USNA ’15) attended the 2023 November Career Conference and shares his experience. Find out what surprised him the most at his Career Conference and what he would tell any JMO that is on the fence about partnering with Cameron-Brooks

Clarice Andrews

University of North Carolina
Army Logistics
Operations Manager of Love's Travel Stops

If you’re considering a partnership with Cameron-Brooks for your military-to-business transition, listen to former Army Logistics Officer, Clarice Andrews, talk about her experience. She put her trust in the Cameron Brooks process and it paid off.

Salam Kako

United States Naval Academy
Navy Surface Warfare
CRM Clinical/Sales Associate of Abbott

When transitioning to business, former Navy Surface Warfare Officer, Salam Kako, learned something valuable about how to ace the interview. Practice telling family and friends about your military leadership experience in casual conversation — and in a way they will understand. Then, when you get to the real interviews, it will be second nature to use the same framework when speaking to your interviewee.

Brian Deely

United States Coast Guard Academy
Coast Guard, Operations
Operations Manager of Love's Travel Stops

Listen to this former officer talk about the specific aspects of Cameron-Brooks that gave him confidence to trust them with his military transition.

Noorddin Alsawfta

Army Infantry Officer
Senior Project Manager Development of NextEra Energy

Do you want to take control of your post military career? The one way to assure your success is to understand the career options your military experience can bring you. Listen to former Army Infantry Officer, Noorddin Alsawfta, talk about the opportunities that he was presented after doing a full career search with Cameron-Brooks. Check it out!

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