Pete Hess

Texas A&M University, Marine Corps, Associate Sales Representative of Ethicon

I appreciate that Cameron-Brooks acts as an advocate and mediator between JMOs and civilian employers. I saw a wide variety of opportunities that would not have been afforded to me without Cameron-Brooks translating my capability/qualification to potential employers. The Career Conference exceeded my expectations [and] once I saw the whole thing come together, I realized there was no “catch.”

Matt Busick

United States Naval Academy, Marine Corps, Application Sales Engineer of Linde Group

Cameron-Brooks doesn’t just simply let you know about open positions like some companies might. They work with candidates throughout the entire transition process, helping you to refine your interviewing and your ability to communicate your strengths and experiences. Cameron-Brooks also continues to work with candidates throughout the follow up process. They take a comprehensive approach to the entire career search, and they are absolutely unrivaled at what they do.

Janelle Benson

United States Military Academy, Army, Business Analyst of Chatham Financial Corporation

Working with Cameron-Brooks alleviates some of the stress of managing the transition from the military. Additionally the entire team has a wealth of knowledge available to assist in your decision making process. It is fantastic to have experts on your side helping you make informed decisions on such a significant life change. The Career Conference significantly exceeded my expectations. Cameron-Brooks has the art of executing a career conference mastered. It was evident in every aspect of the weekend from the company briefs to the motivational speeches and visualization techniques.

Adam Vetter

University of Southern Indiana, Marine Corps, IT Project Managements of ExxonMobil IT

The Cameron-Brooks experience and Career Conference significantly exceeded my expectations. You cannot create that volume of quality leads by yourself. The ability to evaluate each of the companies at the same time is very powerful, and I believe will ultimately lead to making a more informed decision. The entire CB team was incredibly professional and well prepared.

Colin Briant

United Stated Military Academy, Army, Regional Sales Manager of Capstone Diagnostics

My favorite aspect of the Cameron-Brooks experience has been the fact that in two days I met such a wide variety of business professionals, from VPs to CEOs. I also love the knowledge gained about various industries. You will not find this anywhere else.

Todd Howe

Norwich University, Army, Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineering of Stryker Corporation

Cameron Brooks is the only military recruiting firm that truly puts forth effort to partner with candidates. Other firms do career conferences where they provide company briefs. But based on my prior research, CB is the only company which provides continuous preparation (through DPP) leading up to the conferences. That prior preparation was the difference maker and why I chose Cameron Brooks.

Emily Kay

University of Maryland – Anthropology, Marine Corps, Regional Sourcing Manager of Epiroc

The benefit of working with Cameron-Brooks is being well prepared to make “the transition”, and the companies who work with Cameron-Brooks have a particular appreciation for and understanding of JMOs.

Bryce Katsahnias

Appalachian State University – Industrial Design, Army, Quality/Continuous Improvement Manager of Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

The Cameron-Brooks experience exceeded my expectations. Cameron-Brooks provides the preparation and opportunity to interview with so many companies. There is no way that I could have gotten face time with 13 companies in such a short amount of time, working on my own. The Cameron-Brooks team really cares about your success.

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