Nathan Eubank

Indiana University – Criminal Justice, Psychology
Army Military Police Security Officer
Shift Supervisor of Mars Food

Cameron-Brooks has definitely taught me “how to walk the walk, and talk the talk,” which was extremely helpful transitioning from military culture. I know I will utilize the lessons in professional correspondence, networking, and self-development throughout my career.

John McCarty

University of Tennessee – Hispanic Studies
Army Transportation Officer
Operations Manager of Love's Travel Stops

My favorite aspect of working with Cameron-Brooks was working closely with the team to track progress and guide preparation. It was a truly valuable partnership to me and I am grateful for all the hard work the team put in to help me and my peers in our transitions.

Josh Smith

University of Iowa – Civil Engineering; Missouri S&T – MS Engineering Management
Army Engineering Officer
Program Manager of Corning Advanced Optics

My favorite aspect of the Cameron-Brooks experience was the team mentality shared across the JMOs; everybody coming together to help one another prepare for what is likely the most critical step in our professional futures. Cameron Brooks will provide you the resources you need to be successful and will open many doors for you. It’s on you to put in the work and choose your path.”

Will White

Pennsylvania State University – Nuclear Engineering; Old Dominion University – MEM Systems Engineering
Navy Nuclear Power Submariner Officer
Engineering Project Manager of Edwards Lifesciences

I feel much more confident in my ability to succeed in the corporate world than I did before starting the Cameron-Brooks program, and I have a better idea of what skills to use to my advantage. It is a better transition program than anything the military has to offer; the learning experience alone makes it worthwhile.”

Justin Griffis

University of Colorado – Management
Marine Corps Command and Control Officer
Branch Territory Manager of Kaeser Compressors

The benefit of working with Cameron-Brooks? “Invaluable. [It’s] worth it’s figurative weight in gold, [and] the absolute best way to learn what you don’t know about starting a new career.

Keith Beers

Georgia Southern University – Psychology; Northeastern University – MBA Finance
Marine Corps Helicopter Pilot / Aviation Officer
Senior Financial Analyst of Johnson & Johnson Finance

I think Cameron-Brooks allowed me to explore many options that I previously would have ruled out based on preconceived ideas. Interviewing for multiple types of roles really helped to build a whole picture of my career preferences. The companies they presented are all great in their own ways with paths to advancement and future opportunity. Cameron-Brooks is a great partner throughout the transition process. Whether you are only considering leaving the service or fully committed, Cameron-Brooks provides valuable, focused advice that can help you make critical decisions along the way.

Joey Costello

UCLA – History
Marine Corps Field Artillery Officer
Operations Manager of Love's Travel Stops

Cameron Brooks takes highly qualified officers and seamlessly transitions them into Corporate America. Without Cameron-Brooks I would have been at an incredible disadvantage. Cameron-Brooks has explained the opportunities available to me in a way that would’ve taken me years to discover on my own.

Brittany Baker

United States Naval Academy – Ocean Engineering
Navy – Supply Officer
Associate Cardiology Account Manager of Abiomed, Inc.

The preparation podcasts, reading material, and workshops were a tremendous help in getting ready for the interviews. I didn’t realize how helpful it was and prepared I actually was until I was in the interview and felt comfortable. I attribute that to the wealth of knowledge and information made available to the Cameron-Brooks candidates.

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