Gus Kihn

Army Infantry Officer
Associate Territory Manager of Cordis

Former Army Infantry Officer and Cameron-Brooks alumnus, Gus Kihn, shares tangible advice for any JMO wanting a future career in Corporate America. Facing multiple opportunities through Cameron-Brooks, he was surprised at what he learned along the way. “If you don’t talk to Cameron-Brooks, you’re missing a huge opportunity.” — Gus Kihn

Mike Gensel

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Navy Nuclear Power Submariner Officer
Senior Financial Analyst of Johnson & Johnson

Former Navy Nuclear Power Submariner and Cameron-Brooks Alumnus, Mike Gensel, opens up about the differences between an independent career search and a career search with a recruiting firm. He thought he’d be taking a gamble, but we knew how to deal him the winning hand.

Molly Doyle

United States Naval Academy
Marine Corps Adjutant Officer
Associate Brand Manager of Campbell Soup Company

Former Marine Corps Adjutant Officer and Cameron-Brooks alumnus, Molly Doyle, shares how she landed a Brand Associate Manager role with Campbell Soup Company. Molly had a unique transition experience and shares some valuable insights for anyone considering working with a military recruiting firm. “Unless you have 100% certainty on what you WANT to do, talk to a coach…they have the network.”

Lizzie Rullan

United States Naval Academy
Marine Corps Logistics Officer
Associate - Financial of Spencer Stuart

Cameron-Brooks alumnus, Lizzie Rullan, shares her tips for discerning how to approach a potential transition decision and what she’s most excited for in the next chapter of her new career. Like and follow for more military-to-business transition tips!

Joelle Payne

Virginia Tech
Army Transportation Officer
Territory Finance Manager of Motorola Solutions

Cameron-Brooks alumna, Joelle Payne, shares her transition experience, a specific tool she found helpful during her Career Conference and how she ultimately chose her dream job.

Rachael Agwunobi

United States Military Academy
Army Field Artillery Officer
Senior Associate, Financial Services Banking of KPMG

Cameron-Brooks alumnus, Rachael Agwunobi, shares her transition preparation story and why she wanted to conduct a broad career search.

John LaPoint

United States Naval Academy
Marine Corps Field Artillery Officer
Associate of Spencer Stuart

Cameron-Brooks alumnus, John LaPoint, shares his transition preparation experience and the process for earning multiple offers at a Career Conference.

Chris Ciman

Norwich University
Army Logistics Officer
Associate Territory Manager of Cerenovus

Cameron-Brooks alumnus, Chris Ciman, shares about his why on how he ended up choosing to go into medical sales and what he’s most excited for in the next chapter of his career.

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