Ethan and Christina Metzler

United States Naval Academy
Marine Corps Adjutant General & Public Affairs
Senior Deal Desk Analyst & Project Managet of Johnson & Johnson

Cameron-Brooks was very helpful in getting us those crossover job [interviews at the Conference] where we both had great opportunities to develop our own careers but were also together. We both did very well at the Conference and both landed great jobs! We’re very thankful for that.

Ward Attaway

United States Military Academy
Army Field Artillery
Field Clinical Specialist of BIOTRONIK, Inc.

Cameron-Brooks was there to guide me every step of the way.

Jessica Hoyt

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Air Force Logistics
Military Veteran Leadership Development Program of Johnson & Johnson

We came into the Conference with the hopes of getting back to Texas … through the journey, we found the fulfillment of our work was a higher priority than location. We can’t wait to start our new careers!

Kyle Weldon

United States Military Academy
Army Air Defense
Operations Project Manager of Eurofins Scientific

One of the things I most appreciate was the preparation for the Conference. I didn’t know how unprepared I was for the interview process prior to working with Cameron-Brooks.

Nate Arndt

University of Central Missouri - Criminal Justice
Army Quartermaster
Operations Manager of Love's Travel Stops

For anyone who is looking at Cameron-Brooks to use as a recruiting firm, you NEED to give them a call.

Kyle Johnson

USMA – Life Science; Missouri University of Science and Technology - MS Engineering Management
Army Aviation Officer
Business Analyst of Eurofins Scientific

The benefit of working with Cameron-Brooks is unparalleled. There is no substitute for victory and Cameron-Brooks ensures that you are armed with the tools required to succeed. I have never found an organization that cares so much about JMOs and their success.

Micah Knight

Marine Corps Engineer
Fast Track Associate Spine Specialist of Globus Medical

I interviewed with about 16 different companies, and it was a wide variety. Medical device, business analaysis consumer insights, to engineering technology. Cameron-Brooks really preapred us to articulate our stories that the recruiters could really understand all the great things we’ve done in our time in the military.

Kim Shine

Army Engineer
Commercial Junior Officer Leadership Program of Abiomed

The Cameron-Brooks Team was always there and willing to help out. If I needed guidance on how to operate in the civilian sector, they were there.

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