Nate Arndt

University of Central Missouri - Criminal Justice
Army Quartermaster
Operations Manager of Love's Travel Stops

For anyone who is looking at Cameron-Brooks to use as a recruiting firm, you NEED to give them a call.

Kyle Johnson

USMA – Life Science; Missouri University of Science and Technology - MS Engineering Management
Army Aviation Officer
Business Analyst of Eurofins Scientific

The benefit of working with Cameron-Brooks is unparalleled. There is no substitute for victory and Cameron-Brooks ensures that you are armed with the tools required to succeed. I have never found an organization that cares so much about JMOs and their success.

Micah Knight

Marine Corps Engineer
Fast Track Associate Spine Specialist of Globus Medical

I interviewed with about 16 different companies, and it was a wide variety. Medical device, business analaysis consumer insights, to engineering technology. Cameron-Brooks really preapred us to articulate our stories that the recruiters could really understand all the great things we’ve done in our time in the military.

Kim Shine

Army Engineer
Commercial Junior Officer Leadership Program of Abiomed

The Cameron-Brooks Team was always there and willing to help out. If I needed guidance on how to operate in the civilian sector, they were there.

CJ Joseph

USNA – Systems Engineering
Navy Helicopter Pilot
Senior Customer Success Manager of VMware, Inc.

If you were going to learn how to scuba dive, you wouldn’t just buy a tank and a mask and jump right in. So don’t do the same thing in your military transition either. Cameron-Brooks is like the scuba instructor that shows you how to navigate in this new environment, makes sure that you have the right equipment to be successful, and instructs you on the common pitfalls so that you don’t have to make them yourself. It also helps that Cameron-Brooks takes you on a boat and drives you to the best dive spots available so that you can see the best aspects of what’s available. In a sense, Cameron-Brooks is the one stop shop to completely help you through the transition.

Alexis Eldridge

Austin Peay State University
Army Intelligence Officer
Field Clinical Specialist of BIOTRONIK, Inc.

Cameron Brooks is about recruiting for quality vs the other JMO firms which go for quantity. They like you to start the program as far out as you can, so they can give you as much developmental time as they can. Cameron-Brooks the only firm that offers the programs that they do (DPP, the reading list, and PCS to Corporate America). And my favorite aspect of the Cameron-Brooks experience was working with the team. The team is what makes this experience worthwhile. Without EVERYONE on the team, I personally would have not been successful. The Cameron-Brooks partnership significantly exceeded my expectations.

Jordan Walker

Indiana University
Marine Corps Supply Officer
Value Stream Supervisor of Catalent, Inc.

I believe the Cameron-Brooks program will have a very significant impact on my future job performance and opportunity for advancement. I’ve learned an incredible amount during my time in this program and will be able incorporate all the ideas and knowledge in each step up moving forward.

Elizabeth Schreck

The Ohio State University
Army Logistics Officer
Supply Chain Designate of PepsiCo

Cameron Brooks offers a multitude of services that are conducive for a positive military transition. They will present a variety of career options and companies that you may never knew existed. The team will coach through the career search and help you prepare for the career conference. There are lots of resources to include one on one sessions, webcasts, podcasts, and workshops. Cameron-Brooks truly wants its candidates to succeed and will put in the time and effort to make that happen.

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