Kyle Van Alstine

USAFA – Social Sciences; Thunderbird School of Global Management - MGM, Masters of Global Management
Air Force Contracting Officer
Senior Pricing Marketing Manager of Cypress Semiconductor

There are multiple benefits to working with Cameron-Brooks. The level of training and professionalism from the team is unmatched, and I also was fortunate to interview with a great selection of high profile companies, in a short time frame, during a global pandemic!

Chris Miller

Washington State University – Business Marketing
Marine Corps Infantry Officer
Field Clinical Specialist of BIOTRONIK, Inc.

Cameron-Brooks will offer you interviews with great positions and top quality companies. There’s a lot of value in Cameron Brooks delivering your resume straight to the hiring managers and matching you with companies. Most resumes and applications don’t make it past the initial application filter for the normal hiring process. It is clear Cameron-Brooks has refined their craft for many, many years and the experience was phenomenal.

Lucas Waniewski

East Carolina University – Criminal Justice
Army Special Forces
Field Clinical Specialist of BIOTRONIK, Inc.

The Cameron-Brooks experience significantly exceeded my expectations. Their investment in me has more than prepared me to turn my experiences into worthwhile contributions in Corporate America. As a Cameron-Brooks alumni, I’m going into my next career much more prepared to make lasting contributions and address challenges.

Kyle Johnson

USMA – Life Science; Missouri University of Science and Technology - MS Engineering Management
Army Aviation Officer
Business Analyst of Eurofins Scientific

The benefit of working with Cameron-Brooks is unparalleled. There is no substitute for victory and CB ensures that you are armed with the tools required to succeed. I have never found an organization that cares so much about JMOs and their success.

CJ Joseph

USNA – Systems Engineering
Navy Helicopter Pilot
Senior Customer Success Manager of VMware, Inc.

If you were going to learn how to scuba dive, you wouldn’t just buy a tank and a mask and jump right in. So don’t do the same thing in your military transition either. Cameron-Brooks is like the scuba instructor that shows you how to navigate in this new environment, makes sure that you have the right equipment to be successful, and instructs you on the common pitfalls so that you don’t have to make them yourself. It also helps that Cameron-Brooks takes you on a boat and drives you to the best dive spots available so that you can see the best aspects of what’s available. In a sense, Cameron-Brooks is the one stop shop to completely help you through the transition.

Sylvester Scere

University of Toledo – Communications Studies
Army Infantry Officer
Value Stream Supervisor of Catalent, Inc.

The Cameron-Brooks developmental candidate curriculum gives you a lot of tools to prepare you to sit confidently in front of any employer/recruiter and understand different roles in Corporate America. The program and the team train you to translate your skills and the things you’ve done in the military to fit into Corporate America Roles.

Nathan Eubank

Indiana University – Criminal Justice, Psychology
Army Military Police Security Officer
Shift Supervisor of Mars Food

Cameron-Brooks has definitely taught me “how to walk the walk, and talk the talk,” which was extremely helpful transitioning from military culture. I know I will utilize the lessons in professional correspondence, networking, and self-development throughout my career.

John McCarty

University of Tennessee – Hispanic Studies
Army Transportation Officer
Operations Manager of Love's Travel Stops

My favorite aspect of working with Cameron-Brooks was working closely with the team to track progress and guide preparation. It was a truly valuable partnership to me and I am grateful for all the hard work the team put in to help me and my peers in our transitions.

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