Colt Peterson

USNA Mechanical Engineering
Corporate Operations Manager of Helix TCS, Inc.

The Cameron-Brooks experience significantly exceeded my expectations. They take a lot of the mystery out of job hunting while at the same time provide you with great companies that are looking for your skill set. They’ve opened my eyes to world of opportunities and helped me land my dream job.

Andrew Frazier

Virginia Military Institute
Marine Corps

Working with Cameron-Brooks takes a lot of the stress out of changing careers. If you trust Cameron-Brooks to take the lead, you can just focus on getting yourself up to speed, not researching companies and career fields etc. It’s almost an unfair advantage on everyone else who doesn’t have this option, or didn’t know about it.

Stephen Brown

USMA Psychology
Program Manager of Corning Advanced Optics

Working with a Cameron Brooks is “one-stop shop”. They take you through the transition perfectly, knowing first-hand the hesitancy and troubles the JMO faces during their transition.

John Colleng

USMA Civil Engineering
Program Manager of Corning Advanced Optics

To a fellow officer considering a transition to Corporate America with Cameron-Brooks: Do it. Cameron-Brooks offer so many more opportunities that you may have thought weren’t available to you and they guide you along the way. They are a group of professional allies worth partnering with.

Damon Lee

Iowa State University

The Cameron-Brooks Career Conference significantly exceeded my expectations. I think the matching process sets the candidates up for success. Matching positions with [our developed] skill sets makes us more likely to succeed and have an easier transition.

Will Wild

Virginia Military Institute
Marine Corps
Account Manager of Altec Industries

When you first consider getting out of the military, you’re going to hear how all of these companies want to hire veterans, but they truly don’t know what that means or how your experience relates, so they want you to start at the VERY bottom. Cameron-Brooks partners with companies that understand and value military officers and the tested leadership they would offer day 1 of work. This partnership and understanding truly makes all the difference.

Michael Alch

USMA Engineering Management

Trust Cameron-Brooks to help you conduct a broad career search and get a sense for where you fit best. I tried to keep an open mind about companies, industries, locations, and positions until after the Conference, and I was glad I did.

Matt Carroll

USMA Electrical Engineering
IT Project Management of ExxonMobil IT

Cameron-Brooks is an easily defined and proven path for JMOs to take for next career in the business world. I would highly recommend for all JMOs seeking a business career after the military.

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