Brandon Rickard

Marquette University
Army Infantry Officer
Senior 2 Consultant of EY

Alumnus, Brandon Rickard, shares his thoughts on the #1 advantage of working with a recruiting firm … and how he landed a position with one of the leading consulting firms in the US.

“Some of the best things in life come from getting out of your comfort zone.”

Emani Alston

United States Naval Academy
Navy Surface Warfare Officer
Digital Product Owner of KeyBank

How does a Navy Surface Warfare officer relate her experience to being a digital transformation leader at a National Bank? Listen to Cameron-Brooks alumnus, Emani Alston, share how she connected her military experience to Corporate America and why she chose to partner with a recruiting firm.

Joey McGrath

Oklahoma State University
Air Force Personnel Officer
Senior 2 Consultant of EY

The whole program got tailored [to my timeline] … I was very impressed with how the whole team adjusted the schedule and program to fit the changes in my life.

Charlie Morris

United States Naval Academy
Navy Nuclear Power Submariner Officer
Senior 2 Consultant of EY

Alumnus, Charlie Morris, shares his Cameron-Brooks journey, detailing the personalized preparation program and the curation of his conference interview schedule.

Dorothy Krebill

Drake University
Army Signal Officer
Project Manager of Eurofins Scientific

Once I started talking to Cameron-Brooks, I realized I was marketable. This was the perfect time to get out … [as a] maliable person and [someone who] could be trained in a new industry.

Sean Poyner

United States Military Academy
Army Aviation Officer
Project Manager - US Food Chemistry of Eurofins Scientific

I really want to get out there and start digging through the projects I’m going to be working on and learning as much as I can. And that’s exciting to me because its a new challenge, its a new adventure.

Jeaneace Kelly

Xavier University of Louisiana
Air Force Support Officer
Associate Regional Account Manager of ASPIRA Women's Health

I’m only going to transition from the Air Force one time. And [Cameron-Brooks] helps thousands of officers do it. I was able to relieve some of the stress and pressure [of the transition] by working with Cameron-Brooks.

Brad Schaufert

United States Military Academy
Army Field Artillery Officer
Electrification Engineering Manager of Textron Specialized Vehicles

My wife and I feel elated. We’re really excited, and we couldn’t thank the Cameron-Brooks team enough. The next chapter, the next location, the next job that we’re [going into] … it all lined up really, really well.

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