Kristine Hochschwender

Miami University of Ohio – Mechanical Engineering
Air Force Civil Engineer Officer
Associate Manager, Labeling of Edwards Lifesciences

The Cameron-Brooks program offers a fully-rounded way to prepare for a transition from a military career to a business career. They help candidates gain a business mindset through a reading list and interview preparation. The Cameron-Brooks experience has significantly exceeded my expectations.

Holly Thompson

USAFA – Civil/Environmental Engineering
Air Force Civil Engineer Officer
Application Engineer of Air Liquide

Cameron-Brooks handled everything that I would be ill-prepared to handle on my own and set me up to showcase my best self in interviews. They set me up for developmental advancement within a well-established, high achieving company.

Jane McNaughton

Saint Mary’s College Notre Dame – Social Work
Army Chemical Officer
Clinical Territory Associate of Intuitive Surgical

Cameron-Brooks set me up with a career that will allow me opportunities to grow and advance in the business world, and the opportunity to be passionate about my work. All while supporting me every step of the way.

Calen Lambert

Mississippi State University – International Business
Army Field Artillery Officer
Operations Manager of Love’s Travel Stops

As someone who was skeptical of all recruiting firms during my transition from the military, the benefits of working with Cameron-Brooks are incredible. They will work daily with you if necessary to help you become as successful as possible and will bend over backwards to work with your schedule. Their developmental program is very direct and will force you to evaluate yourself, your skills, your personality, and your goals in order to ensure you are the best possible candidate you can be. On top of all this, Cameron-Brooks also pledges to be a resource for you throughout your career and they have the track record and incredibly successful alumni to back up that claim.

Tom Ranshaw

University of Southern Mississippi – Interdisciplinary Studies
Army Infantry Officer
Production Manager of Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

I believe the Cameron-Brooks program will have a great impact on my opportunity for advancement. Their assistance in bringing the military professional successfully into corporate America is second to none and the opportunity for advancement is great.

Bill Turk

Wright State University – Management
Army Infantry Officer
Clinical Territory Associate of Intuitive Surgical

The benefit of working with Cameron-Brooks is an Amazing preparation focus, work shops, and communication by recruiters to make you successful. Cameron-Brooks process is tried and proven and will set you up for success, or at a minimum, will give you the opportunity to talk with company leaders in various industries.

Jordan Bowen

USMA – Physics
Army Armor Officer
Applications Engineer of Airgas (Division of Air Liquide)

Working with Cameron-Brooks increases your base level of corporate America by ten fold minimum. They supply and generate an amount of interviews with hiring managers in two days that you would otherwise not achieve in two months. The Cameron-Brooks experience significantly exceeded my expectations.

Kyle Hrutkay

Colorado State University – Civil Engineering
Navy Nuclear Power Sub
Sales Associate Manager of PepsiCo

The Cameron-Brooks experience significantly exceeded my expectations. The preparation piece is truly unmatched. I feel like I could go get a job anywhere now, but the jobs at the career conference all sound like they set you up for success to make an immediate impact at a company and to have the ability to advance quickly. The quality of companies and positions at the Conference is very, very high.

On giving advice to other candidates: “Read as much as you can. We learn so much about our roles in the military and I think a lot of people think that we can just talk about our experiences and rely on those to be successful in Corporate America. But the reading program exposed me to a bunch of topics that I wasn’t very familiar with, and that just fueled me to read even more to learn what I needed to be successful.”

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