I have questions about Cameron-Brooks JMOs/Candidates

JMO stands for Junior Military Officer (JMO). All JMOs, at a minimum, are college graduates and have qualified for an Officer role by meeting various physical, medical, and mental criteria. Some also have advanced degrees or specialized training/education depending on years of service and specialty. Typically, JMOs have anywhere from 4 to 12 years of military experience when transitioning out of the military.

JMOs gain invaluable leadership experience during their military careers that can be directly applied to many roles in business. Cameron-Brooks works with the most successful military officers – those who are self-starters, constant learners, problem solvers, and quick thinkers who have a track record of success. In their first jobs out of college, these JMOs can find themselves responsible for multi-million-dollar aircrafts, large maintenance organizations, enormous supply chain logistics, or leading a team of people in dangerous situations. These responsibilities build strong, confident leaders who think strategically and can greatly impact any business.

It depends on the role and the person. We have seen time and time again that leadership capability far outweighs industry knowledge in some positions. A high-performing JMO can learn your industry much faster than their level of leadership could be taught or instilled in another industry candidate. They can also bring diversity in experience and background that benefits the innovation and future of your company.

You could, but not all JMOs offer the same level of leadership prowess. Cameron-Brooks has a thorough screening process that most companies report is difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate internally. At Cameron-Brooks, we find the best of the best, only working with the top 15% of the JMOs we interview. Additionally, our team spends time preparing each candidate for business through our development program and gets to know them as individuals. The success of our program is demonstrated in the success of our alumni – who stay and develop within their placed company far longer than their peer group.

I have questions about Cameron-Brooks

First, at Cameron-Brooks, we are laser-focused on placing one unique pool of leaders into the business world – high-performing JMOs. That means we do not split our time and attention on a myriad of candidate groups. We know JMOs, we have a time-tested reputation with them, and we are experts at identifying the top performers within this population.

We invest time getting to know our candidates deeply on a personal and professional level, which is critical to making successful interview pairings between companies and candidates. Our JMO candidates spend an average of 12 months completing our proven Development and Preparation Program©, which enables your hire to hit the ground running on day one. When your organization partners with Cameron-Brooks, you can be confident that we will present a lineup of fully screened, well-prepared-for-business candidates whose personalities, career goals, and skills match your specific needs.

This in-depth business model focuses on the quality of placement for the company’s benefit rather than the quantity of placements for our benefit. Our high retention rate shows the effectiveness of the model – 97% of our candidates are still working at their originally placed company at the 1-year mark.

Cameron-Brooks has a reputation in the military for being the most selective junior military officer recruiting firm. Our rigorous, time-tested methodology allows us to identify and narrow our talent pool to the top 15% of the candidates we interview, helping our clients hire A-player JMOs.

Cameron-Brooks provides an alternative to your traditional hiring methods with a highly screened pool of non-traditional candidates who can bring a high return on investment and retention rate. We offer efficient access to a highly screened pool of high potential candidates, and the expertise in the JMO psyche needed to land one. The breadth of the Cameron-Brooks service would be daunting to duplicate in-house without a significant investment of time, money and experience in the military recruiting industry. We not only source the highest caliber junior leaders, but we also prepare them thoroughly for their transition to Corporate America. Our proven candidate/company matching system creates lasting placements, and feeds the leadership pipeline for our client companies.

Our retention rate is 97% at the 1-year point and 92% at the 2-year point, which is the highest in the industry and significantly higher than most companies’ internal recruiting metrics.

I have questions about the Cameron-Brooks Hiring Conference.

Through our Hiring Conferences are 2 days in length, we tailor schedules to fit the interviewer’s availability. Because we work on each company’s openings individually, each schedule is unique to the company’s needs and a highly productive use of time. You will only interview candidates who match your criteria.

We host 5 conferences a year: January, April, June, August and November. You can see our upcoming conference dates here.

Cameron-Brooks has hosted in-person Hiring Conferences for 50 years. However, in April of 2020, we switched to Virtual Hiring Conferences due to COVID-19. We found that the virtual format offers some benefit to client companies and most likely will continue offering a form of hybrid participation in the future when travel is acceptable.

Cameron-Brooks takes great care to carefully design an interview schedule that maximizes time investment. We will present you a tailored interview schedule that includes only the candidates with the skills to be a top performer in your role.

Our program is designed to allow us to build relationships with every candidate who enters. Throughout their time working with us, we get to know their strengths, weaknesses, hard and soft skills, career goals, values, and much more. We also work hard to understand each company’s opening(s) and critical success factors for a hire. This enables us to closely match candidates with your company’s position requirements and team fit.

Whether you come to us a week before or 2 months before the Hiring Conference, we are dedicated to your hiring success. When you have a hard-to-fill position or positions, we welcome the opportunity to create a custom interview schedule for you with candidates we believe will successfully transition into the skills and characteristics of the position, as well as fit the culture of your company.

There is no cost to participate in a Cameron-Brooks Hiring Conference. We operate on a contingency model, so you only pay if you hire a candidate.

99% of client companies that attend a conference end up pursuing a candidate into the follow-up interview phase. Cameron-Brooks continues to work with both the client company and the candidates to tailor travel schedules, phone calls, and anything else that is needed to make the process easier and more efficient.