The Recruiter Advantage

Why JMO Recruiting Firms VS Transitioning On Your Own

Some Junior Military Officers ask themselves if going through JMO Recruiting Firms is worth the time — and if they couldn’t achieve the same results on their own. Here is a path of what your transition journey would probably look like with each option.

With a Recruiter

On Your Own

Transition Experience

A good recruiter has taken hundreds of
JMOs through the process and can help you
hit the mark on your goals.

You’ve never done it before. If you land an
interview, can you properly prepare yourself to
outshine other applicants?

Business Knowledge

Recruiters know the business world inside
and out. We know the right blogs and podcasts to follow,
the right books to read, and the right
corporate philosophies to understand. We
are your resource.

You will need to research and determine
which of the myriad of resources are valuable
and then decipher and educate yourself on
topics important to Corporate America.

Career Coaching

Future goals. Industry preferences. Location
expectations. Interview prep. Recruiters are
trained to prepare you and help figure out
what YOU want most to get you across the
finish line.

Well, you’re on your own. You may have a
relative or family friend with some business
savvy and connections, but not with the
breadth of experience and knowledge a
recruiter can provide.

The Interview Chain

A recruiter already has trusted connections.
You will avoid the “gatekeeper wall” and will
get solid interview time with the key
decision makers.

On your own, you will most likely struggle
to stand out from the sea of applicants and
get your resume seriously considered by the
key decision makers.

The Happiness Factor

The right recruiter doesn’t just secure you a
job. They help you start a career full of
future potential and success

While you may land a job, it might not have the
future potential you were hoping for.

The Big Interview

With a recruiter, you will prepare for and
attend a Career Conference where you will
interview with great companies — multiple
interviews in two days. Boom!
You’re done

On your own, you will live in constant hope of
“getting in” for an interview. Be prepared for the
“send resume and then wait” rollercoaster ride.

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