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Cameron-Brooks is the leading Junior Military Officer (JMO) search firm.  We serve two clients:  JMOs and industry-leading commercial companies.  We partner with high-potential JMOs and help them personally and professionally by equipping them with the tools they need to transition successfully from the military to Corporate America. We partner with some of the world’s leading companies, to include the #1 and #2 companies on the FORTUNE 500 and some of the largest privately held companies in the world. Our goal is to help these companies hire and develop the finest military veterans to become future leaders within their organizations.

Our purpose is “To serve others to help them reach their potential and dreams.”  We achieve that purpose each day through living and holding one another accountable to our values of High Quality and Excellence, Continuous Learning and Growth, Clear and Transparent Communication, and being Servant Hearted.  These core values define our work, and we measure ourselves by our commitment to them.  At the forefront of our hiring process is identifying individuals whose intrinsic set of values align with those of Cameron-Brooks. Many aspects of the below role can be taught, but personal alignment with our values is a “must have” for all who join our team.

To learn more about Cameron-Brooks, please browse our website, read the Introduction and Chapter 1 of PCS to Corporate America 4th Ed., access our Blog, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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