High-performing junior leaders
are our specialty.

The Cameron-Brooks Advantage

The most exceptional process yields the most impactful candidates.

In the war on talent, consider Cameron-Brooks your secret weapon. Not all recruiting firms are the same, and there are none like Cameron-Brooks. What makes us so unique?

We selectively recruit high-performing Junior Military Officers (JMOs) and accept only the top 10-15% of those who apply. These JMOs are proven leaders backed by a track record of success, already exhibiting traits such as problem solving, grit, humility, learning agility and drive.

With every applicant, we conduct thorough face-to-face behavioral interviews, analyze performance evaluations, and assess leadership potential and marketability. We spend an average of 13 hours per applicant BEFORE they are even accepted into our program.

This is one of the keys to predicting future leadership success – really getting to know the candidates. Recruiting early allows us to seek out top-tier talent and then spend an average of 12 months with each candidate, getting to know their strengths, weaknesses, career goals, and who they are as people. No other leadership recruiting firm invests this much time.

Cameron-Brooks is the expert in the psyche of the non-traditional leadership hire. We know how to market your role to the candidates in order to land the talent you desire. We have 45+ years of successfully translating military skills to the corporate world — one of the most difficult tasks in veteran recruiting. We work with you ahead of hiring conferences to truly understand the nuances of your opening(s) and what type of talent you need to ensure the best company-candidate match.

Cameron-Brooks is 100% dedicated to ensuring success of the company-candidate match.