The Cameron-Brooks Candidate

What makes a Cameron-Brooks candidate so exceptional?

Our investment: The Cameron-Brooks Development & Preparation Program® (DPP)

This robust business preparation program (completed by all candidates accepted into our program) enables us to know our candidates on a deeper, more personal level and prepare them for transition to the private sector.

The program arms candidates with:

  • Business Leadership Skills & Training
  • Successful Translation of Military Experience
  • In-Depth Study of Corporate America
  • Industry-Specific Study & Training
  • Communication Skills
  • The ability to make an immediate impact

The candidates’ investment:

  • Candidates spend an average of 12 months in DPP before starting their transition to Corporate America.
  • They learn to effectively transition from a military mindset to one of business BEFORE they start to work at your company.
  • They adapt their leadership strengths to a business context and supercharge their learning agility.

High-quality, diversified leaders:

  • Amidst the war on talent is an epic battle for high quality, diversified leaders. Junior Military Officers have broad experiences and exposures that add diversification to any leadership bench.
  • 100% of Cameron-Brooks candidates are Protected Veterans and 20-30% of our annual placements are ethnically and gender diverse.