Clarence Price

David Ackland

Texas Christian University, Air Force, Global Leadership Program, Michelin Tire

My favorite aspect of the Cameron-Brooks experience has been the quality of information and preparation material provided along with the experienced, dedicated, and professional staff. Their knowledge and longstanding history assisting transitioning JMOs is clearly evident in their courseware, the Career Conference execution, and the follow up process. There is someone to assist you every step of the way.

Marquette Leveque

United States Naval Academy, Navy, Manager 1 – Process Engineering, Navy Boston Scientific

Cameron-Brooks expertise and commitment to every candidate has been exceptional. The DPP program was really like a mini-MBA and prepared me more than any other program out there. The program and the reading list has prepared me to hit the ground running in Corporate America allowing me to add value to the company I choose to work for from day one.

Dan Wilhelm

University of Colorado, Marine Corps, Product Management, Harris Corporation

Alex Grimes

Texas A&M University, Marine Corps, Account Manager, Marine Corps Altec Industries

Gary Albright

United States Naval Academy, Marine Corps, Production Supervisor, Altec Industries

Cameron-Brooks teaches you how to interview, they remove the stress of a career search, and are willing to advocate on your behalf with the companies you interview. They truly want to see you succeed. The earlier the start, the better. You cannot read too much, and you cannot spend too much time preparing. Focusing on this being the next step of your career/life and treating it as one of the most important decisions will help you be prepared as well.

James Morris

The Citadel, Marine Corps, Account Manager, Altec Industries

Paul Queen

Gonzaga University, Marine Corps, Field Clinical Representative, Boston Scientific
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