Brittany Baker

United States Naval Academy – Ocean Engineering
Navy – Supply Officer
Associate Cardiology Account Manager, Abiomed, Inc.

The preparation podcasts, reading material, and workshops were a tremendous help in getting ready for the interviews. I didn’t realize how helpful it was and prepared I actually was until I was in the interview and felt comfortable. I attribute that to the wealth of knowledge and information made available to the Cameron-Brooks candidates.

Mike Atkinson

United States Military Academy – Human Geography
Army – Infantry Officer
Consultant, Liberty Advisor Group

Cameron-Brooks provides numerous resources and coaching to prepare candidates to conduct a career search. They will also expose you to a wide array of options that would be extremely difficult to find if you tried to transition on your own. The structure to the process also helps concentrate your preparation and focus.

Gene Fogh

United States Military Academy – Operations Research
Army – Engineering Officer
Account Sales Manager, Pregis LLC

Cameron-Brooks opens doors you don’t even know exist. If you do know what opportunities are out there, Cameron-Brooks gets you there and trains you how to be successful. They take your interests to mind and work hard to get you the best solution possible.

Ben Lambert

United States Military Academy – Environmental Geography
Army – Field Artillery
Operations Manager, Pactiv Corporation

The staff and the culture of Cameron-Brooks is by far the best aspect of the program. I am a skeptical man, and yet I can clearly see the sincerity and kindness in the organization. They truly care about JMOs and our future.

Dillan Trojan

Wofford College – Chinese
Army – Intelligence Officer
Supply Planner, GSK

[To a fellow Officer considering a transition…] 1. The level of preparation with Cameron-Brooks is extremely deliberate and well planned. You’ll never receive that anywhere else. 2. The quality of positions exceeds expectations; I would not have been able to get an interview for such a quality array of positions. 3. If you don’t understand exactly how you would fit in Corporate America, the conference is an excellent resource for that (both in conducting briefs as well as company information in the interviews).

Zzmarr Stone

United States Naval Academy – Informational Technology
Marine Corps – Infantry Officer
Supply Chain Manager, PepsiCo Beverages North America

Cameron-Brooks is the full package. Typically, when one transitions there is A LOT of work to get the opportunity to interview with a company of your choosing. Cameron-Brooks does all the leg work and you get to interview with more than 12 companies in one go. They also helped with resume building, interview workshops, business podcasts, etc. I also liked how far in advance (more than 1 year) Cameron-Brooks was willing to partner with me, which gave me peace of mind and confidence in my ability to transition.

Get involved early and often. I wish I took my preparation more seriously sooner. Work will always be there…whether you are or not, but once you decide to partner with Cameron-Brooks, the clock is ticking! Prep early and often, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

John Speta

Saint Bonaventure University – Sports Studies
Army – Logistics Officer
Account Sales Manager, Pregis LLC

Cameron-Brooks is by far the best company to set up someone for a successful transition/career search. It is really much more than finding a job, it’s about finding a place you belong.

Rob Williams

USAFA – Materials Chemistry
Air Force – Intelligence Officer
Brand Management, Mars Petcare Marketing

The primary benefit I would describe would be Cameron-Brooks’ knowledge regarding your marketability. The roles that I am following up on are wildly different but also extremely exciting so I really appreciated that the matching process had me interview with companies I would have probably skipped over.

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