Bob Patten

Michigan State University – Accounting; Missouri University of Science & Technology – MS Geological Engineering
Army – Engineer Officer
Sales Logistics Director, Medline Industries

The Cameron-Brooks experience significantly exceeded my expectations. My favorite aspect was the unwavering commitment and dedication the Cameron-Brooks provides to [their] candidates. Truly invested in our success! [I will] 100% recommend C-B to any transitioning officer I talk to from here on out.

Brent Wagner

University of Wisconsin - History
Army – Air Defense Officer
Associate Manager, Global Consumer Insights & Business Analytics, SC Johnson

The Cameron-Brooks experience significantly exceeded my expectations. My favorite aspect of the program was the genuine care and development to prepare JMOs for the transition. I do not believe transitioning JMOs would get even 10% of the opportunities this program would provide them.

Austin McCasin

USMA – System Engineering
Army – Engineer
Emergent Leader, NVISION

The Cameron-Brooks program significantly exceeded my expectations. You will not find a more in depth program. At no point will you feel alone in the process and you will gain top notch preparation skills. If you are looking to be exposed to a vast range of industries and positions, then Cameron Brooks is the route to take.

Parker Summers

USNA - History
Navy - Surface Warfare Officer
Operations Manager, Schneider National

[Working through the Cameron-Brooks program will provide] better opportunity for advancement than the average entry-level JMO. The hard work put into researching and interviewing with companies sets the tone for the level of initiative that is expected in the competitive corporate business.

Tony Pacheco

Virginia Military Institute - Psychology
Marine Corps - Intelligence Officer
Clinical Territory Associate, Intuitive Surgical

Working with Cameron-Brooks is hands down the best way to launch a career in Corporate America. I don’t believe I could have opened the doors that Cameron Brooks opened for me. So in that respect, the only reason I have an opportunity for advancement is because of Cameron Brooks.

Rory Ellsworth

Virginia Commonwealth University – Criminal Justice; Florida Institute of Technology - MS Logistics Management
Army - Logistics Officer
Regional Operations Manager, Shaw Industries Group, Inc.

The Cameron-Brooks Career Conference significantly exceeded my expectations. The Conference provided everything that was promised and more. I expected to interview with 12 companies and ended up interviewing with 14. The goal was not to be coddled and receive free stuff but to earn “Yes’s” and potential job offers.

Jamie Stewart

USAFA – Operations Research
Air Force – AF Personnel Officer
Fast Track Associate Spine Specialist, Globus Medical

My favorite aspect of working with Cameron-Brooks was the one-on-one feedback. I knew the information was directly for me and it had the most impact. At the end of working with Cameron-Brooks, I truly believe they began to know me, my resume and my skills better than I did.

Caitlin Wilkins

Michigan Technological University – Exercise Science
Marine Corps – Command and Control Officer
Clinical Territory Associate, Intuitive Surgical

Unlike other recruiting firms, Cameron Brooks will work with you, even if you have a year or more before your transition out of the military. They have designed a program to help prepare you for your transition to the business world, and work with you one-on-one to gauge your interests. They then match you with companies to interview with based on your experience and goals. Cameron Brooks works with you leading up to, during, and after the career conference to ensure that you have a successful and smooth transition out of the military.

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