Jandrick Soriano

Arizona State University
Navy Surface Warfare Officer
Sales Manager, JJ Kane

Listen to Jandrick talk about his experience transitioning through Cameron-Brooks. He had many companies interested in him which meant he had many new opportunities to consider! He’d never done sales before, so this is new and exciting for him.

Juan Santibanez

Texas A&M
Navy Supply Corps Officer
Foreign Military Sales Specialist, Motorola Solutions

This 8-year Navy officer talks about his transition journey that landed him at Motorola Solutions. He gives some great advice for any officers still considering a business transition. Have fun. Have patience. Stick with it. Utilize those study groups! It’s all designed to help you succeed.

EJ Brown

The Citadel
Field Artillery Officer
Account Manager, JJ Kane

EJ Brown shares his military transition experience and gives some great advice for future Cameron-Brooks candidates. Take your time seriously and develop a plan for success. Know your weaknesses and your strengths. Use your downtime to listen to business videos. And start early!

Korian Brady

Army Field Artillery Officer
Clinical Territory Associate, Intuitive Surgical

This former Army Artillery Officer talks about the benefits of starting your military transition preparation early. Reading is a great way to begin; to start understanding the language; and how to translate your military experience in a way hiring managers will understand.

Carson Marshall

McDaniel College
Army Field Artillery Officer
Clinical Territory Associate, Intuitive Surgical

Former Army Field Artillery Officer, Carson Marshall, talks about why he chose to partner with Cameron-Brooks for his transition to business; how it enabled him to understand all of his options; and prepared him to interview successfully.

Matt Mousley

USMC Air Defense Control Officer
Six Sigma Black Belt, TAMKO

Listen to former USMC Air Defense Control Officer, Matt Mousley, as he talks about his experience partnering with Cameron-Brooks and how that helped him launch a new career in business.

Cat Morris

USNA '17
Navy Surface Warfare Officer
Senior Account Manager, Motorola Solutions

Hear from Cat Morris, former Navy Surface Warfare Officer, who attended the November 2023 Cameron-Brooks Career Conference. She’ll talk about her experience, her advice for others contemplating an military exit to business.

Nate Marshall

CPT, Field Artillery
Clinical Territory Associate, Intuitive Surgical

Meet Nate Marshall, former Army Field Artillery Officer. Listen to him talk about his experience with Cameron-Brooks and how he diligently prepared for his Career Conference—while deployed!

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