Corporate recruiters were starving for leadership talent after the 1960s draft. That’s when Roger Cameron realized the Junior Military Officer leadership experience could integrate quickly and successfully into the business world with great positive impact—and the military-to-corporate recruiting industry was born.

René Brooks later joined Roger. They were instrumental in developing the concept of recruiting from the military, and for over 45 years their extraordinary business sense has enabled thousands of military officers to enter the business world prepared for the challenges ahead.

When René Brooks created the Development and Preparation Program© (DPP©) in the early ‘80s, she raised the bar for the entire industry. DPP© is required for every candidate and ensures the Cameron-Brooks JMO is ready for a successful transition, can make contributions day one at their company, and will be able to move to higher levels of leadership during their tenure.

With a keen eye for exceptional talent, Roger and René built the Cameron-Brooks team to ensure the company’s success well beyond their own retirement in 2012. They recruited and retained an extraordinary pool of dedicated professionals eager to serve the Junior Military Officer and lead the company into the future.

Chuck Alvarez leads the company as the President/CEO of the organization. Joel Junker, Senior Vice President/Partner, leads the JMO candidate recruiting effort, and Mary Lou White, Principal, provides leadership to our Career Conference planning and Follow-Up Interview Process. It was a virtually seamless leadership transition with Chuck, Joel, and Mary Lou touting an amazing 21, 16, and 39 years of experience respectively at Cameron-Brooks.

Our strong internal leadership is supported by a remarkable team of Recruiters and Recruiting Team Leaders – whom both JMO candidates and client companies describe as just plain unrivaled by any other recruiting firms. The expertise, knowledge base, and sincere desire to help JMOs and client companies succeed are the lasting legacies of Roger Cameron and René Brooks.

We are proud to serve our veterans and find true joy knowing that we have played a part in the career success of such great men and women who have served our country.