The Process

Cameron-Brooks’ JMO recruiting experts guide you through
every step of the military transition process to start
their business career.

You may be wondering, “Where do I start?” Cameron-Brooks has over 45 years of experience — more than any other JMO recruiting firm — helping JMOs through their transition. Every step of the process is geared toward your success. Here’s how it works.

Attend a “Master the Military to Business Transition” webinar and gain valuable insight to determine if Corporate America is right for you.

In this one-on-one session with one of our experienced recruiters, you’ll truly begin to understand how your former military jobs can translate into the corporate world. After the phone (or in-person) assessment, most JMOs realize how much the Cameron-Brooks team members want to help them reach their career goals.

After your PMA, if Cameron-Brooks finds you to be a good match (and you agree), you will become an official Candidate and partner in our Development and Preparation Program©.

All Cameron-Brooks JMO candidates complete this self-paced program that will provide you valuable training and preparation for your current military career, and business transition and throughout your business career.

Described as a “Mini-MBA” by one of our clients, this program is key to your success, and a Cameron-Brooks Team Member will be there every step of the way to assist when needed. The DPP consists of: work covering self-evaluation, leadership and skill development, current business concepts/strategies, career field explanations, interview preparation, podcasts, webcasts, individual and group sessions, and more.

There is tremendous value in starting our program early. When asked what they would have done differently, the number one comment we get from Cameron-Brooks Alumni is, “I wish I would have started my preparation earlier.”

We will schedule you for a Career Conference that is approximately 40 to 60 days prior to starting terminal leave. In the months leading up to your Conference, we will help you prepare your resume and guide you in any final interview coaching. In the weeks leading up to the Conference, we will thoroughly match you with companies that can give you the highest potential for growth and success and meet YOUR interests. We triple-check our matching work using our strong grasp on your unique goals, career interests, and skill sets.

This is not a job fair. This is a meticulously prepared 4-day event that includes 2 days of focused preparation with 2 days of scheduled interviews, where Cameron-Brooks will introduce you to companies that best suit your personality, skills, and career goals.

After the Conference, you will have our undivided attention and assistance facilitating follow-up interviews and providing you with information to help you make the most informed career decision. We do NOT make the decision for you, but rather help you analyze your career goals to make the decision that will result in your ultimate success.

Once you accept a position with a client company, you will officially become a member of the Cameron-Brooks Alumni organization. From day one in your new career, you will be connected with some of the top leaders in Corporate America through our Cameron-Brooks Alumni LinkedIn Group. As many alumni do, you may reach out to us for career advice and employee referrals and use our Resource Center.