The Book

No other JMO transition book better prepares you for your military
transition than PCS to Corporate America: From Military Tactics to Corporate Interviewing Strategy, Fourth Edition.

If you’re considering a military separation, you need to read PCS to Corporate America: From Military Tactics to Corporate Interviewing Strategy, Fourth Edition. This definitive JMO transition book condenses over 45 years of JMO recruiting knowledge and experience into one powerful reference. PCS was written specifically for the military officer by Cameron-Brooks Founder and veteran of the JMO recruiting industry, Roger Cameron, and updated by Chuck Alvarez, CEO/President and Joel Junker, SVP/Partner. The Fourth Edition of this incredible military transition book has been updated and expanded to reflect current business and military environments. The advice in these pages will not only prepare you for a new future in Corporate America, but also foster your professional growth as you advance in your business career.

  • Powerful advice on interviewing
  • Advice on launching a world-class business career
  • Career transition strategies and how to maximize your marketability
  • Insight on the roles of technology and leadership in the business world
  • Leadership guidance that can be applied to your current military career

Corporate recruiters and Cameron-Brooks Alumni have said over and over that PCS To Corporate America is one of the most valuable resources for any military officer thinking about or preparing to make the transition to the private sector.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please prepare for and expect delays in receiving your hardcopy of PCS to Corporate America through Amazon. We advise ordering a digital copy of the book.

Nimitz Foundation Logo: All proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to the Admiral Nimitz Foundation in support of their museum, the National Museum of the Pacific War, to memorialize the sacrifices and bravery of our military forces and leaders, to honor the men and women who fight for our freedom today and inspire tomorrow’s military leaders.