Start your business career with the help of Cameron-Brooks—the JMO Transition Experts.

Cameron-Brooks will guide you through every step of your military-to-business transition. We leveraged 50+ years of experience and developed a step-by-step guide that will help reach your personal and professional goals. Here’s how it works.

Your Next Step: Watch the Webcast to Discover Everything You Need to Know to Transition to Business

As you weigh your career options, the team at Cameron-Brooks is here to help you determine if a military-to-business transition is truly right for you.

Take the first step by watching this 1-hour webcast where we answer top questions JMOs ask when starting their career decision process.

When Should I Start?

While other recruiting firms may recommend beginning your transition planning and preparation process just a few months before separation, we believe that the earlier you start, the better.  

Most officers start our program one year prior to transition, but not one of our alumni will say that you can start too early. Here is the most common Junior Military Officer recruiting timeline at Cameron-Brooks. 

1-2+ Years Before Transition

Start as early as possible investigating, asking questions, and discovering the benefits of partnering with a recruiter. When you partner with Cameron-Brooks, this is when you’ll start the Development and Preparation Program (DPP)©.

1 Year-18 Months Before Transition

If you haven’t yet, start Cameron-Brooks’ DPP© and the Reading Program and begin attending Interview Prep Workshops. We’ll help you determine your transition timeline, scheduling your Career Conference.

Starting in under 1 year? Contact us now and talk to our transition experts. We can tailor our program to help achieve success in any timeframe, adapting our process to your unique situation.
5-11 Months Before Interviews

Become more in tune with the business world and hone your career goals. Continue to read and work through the DPP© talking with other candidates, Cameron-Brooks Alumni, and more.

4 Months Before Interviews

Bring all your new knowledge together and work with our expert Resume Consultant to craft your world-class business resume.

2 Months Before Interviews

Hone your skills as you focus on Interview prep, receiving coaching from Cameron-Brooks interview experts.

1 Month Before Interviews

We’ll readdress your goals, interests, and preferences as we confirm leading companies attending the Career Conference.

Two Weeks Before Interviews

You’ll be matched with companies and opportunities to meet with at the Career Conference.

The Interviews (Career Conference)

This 5-day event starts with 3 final prep days Friday-Sunday, concluding with interviews Monday-Tuesday. You’ll know by Tuesday evening which companies have further interest in you for potential follow-up interviews.

18 Working Days After Interviews

Work closely with our Follow-Up Team as they coordinate your follow-up interviews and make sure you’re prepared for each event. You’ll receive job offers and accept the right one for you at this time.

2-3 Weeks Before Transition

Process out of the military, conduct house-hunting trips, coordinate move logistics, and prepare for your new career.

After Transition

You’ll continue to have access to Cameron-Brooks’ learning library and other resources like letters of recommendation, career guidance, mock interviews, and a robust LinkedIn network to help you in your career goals.

Ready to Get Started?

Your first step in your transition process is to watch the 1-hour webcast, Master the Military to Business Transition. Once you sign up, one of our transition experts will be in touch to talk about your next step. 

Master the Military to Business Transition

Why Cameron-Brooks?

At Cameron-Brooks, we specialize in preparing Junior Military Officers to meet leading companies that we have built long-lasting trusted relationships with, like Johnson & Johnson, ExxonMobil, and Boston Scientific. They are looking for the unique skills a JMO brings with them to the business world.

These are huge opportunities you may not find at other recruiters that lead to future top-level management positions with our clients, even in FORTUNE 500 companies.

You will work with transition coaches as you follow our unbeatable Development and Preparation Program© (DPP©), which is based on our 50+ years of business knowledge.

Cameron-Brooks provides a personalized experience geared toward your success and future business career goals.

Want to hear more? Just ask our Alumni.

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