Get the answers to these JMO recruiter FAQs, including intel on jobs, careers, and how your skills can translate.

Very significant! Corporate America has and continues to recognize that the experience and training you have had as part of your military career can be invaluable to the long-term success of their companies because:

  • The military gives you diverse and heavy responsibility very early in your career.
  • JMOs gain a level of “real-time” experience in the military that most companies find hard to duplicate in the first 4 to 8 years of corporate life.
  • You bring an immediate ability to produce results.
  • You are creative, innovative and resourceful.
  • You have a strong work ethic.
  • You are not frustrated by constantly changing objectives.
  • You can understand the big picture.
  • You provide strong peer and subordinate leadership skills.
  • Many of you bring a strong technical skill base directly relatable to business systems.

Overall, it has been impossible to find candidates better suited for Corporate America than Junior Military Officers given their former military careers. Your predecessors’ successes in Corporate America have been outstanding. The key is partnering with a JMO recruiting agency that knows how to translate your experience to the right career opportunity.

Be proactive:

Salary depends upon many factors, such as the type of position, your education/credentials, cost of living, time in service, and your interviewing skills.

Many of our clients also offer variable cash compensation (bonus) in addition to your base salary that is dependent on individual and company performance. Many clients also offer benefits such as healthcare insurance, 401(k), education assistance and much more.

For more specific information on how compensation and benefits apply to you, we encourage you to schedule a FREE Personal Marketability Assessment so we can speak to you personally and evaluate your salary potential more accurately.

All of our candidates have location preferences. As one of the most passionate military recruiting agencies, Cameron-Brooks works hard to be compatible with all of your career objectives, and we have a broad array of locations represented at every Conference.

The key question is whether location is going to be a restriction for you or whether it is going to be a tie-breaker between good opportunities. With the global nature of business today, being location specific can limit a Development Candidate’s opportunities and promotions.

  • We care about your success more than any other recruiter; just ask our Alumni. To hear from them, watch our video, read testimonials, or listen to our podcasts.
  • We have long-lasting trusted relationships with leading companies that provide you with huge opportunities you may not get elsewhere.
  • Because of those relationships, the positions we represent lead to future top-level management positions with our clients (many FORTUNE 500). If you want to be on top in Corporate America, then you need to consider teaming with Cameron-Brooks.
  • Our Development and Preparation Program© (DPP©) is unbeatable and based on our 45+ years of business knowledge.
  • We’re not on commission like other recruiters, so we’re not force-fitting candidates to companies.

We have had successful candidates come to us just weeks before a Conference and some years before a conference. However, starting early in any huge life change is always better. By contacting us early in your military career, you can:

  • Apply the leadership and business lessons from our program directly to your military responsibilities, thereby significantly improving your military performance
  • Learn about business opportunities that could be available to you in Corporate America and what it takes to be successful in the corporate environment
  • Take the preparation steps required and develop the additional skills you need to ensure a successful transition
  • Enhance your marketability through your increased business knowledge and smart military career choices

As a rule of thumb, contact us when you start thinking about it. Our recruiters are here to talk to you and answer any questions before you make your decision.

We are selective because our clients are selective, and this works in your favor.

Our client companies, knowing of our selectivity, bring us their critical positions to fill. They know we recruit the best officers. Our clients feel confident that they can bring us their most complex, challenging positions and that our candidates can handle them.

This has been proven over the past 45+ years in the high promotability of the Cameron-Brooks Alumni. When you work with Cameron-Brooks, you can expect to interview for strong development positions that will result in a long-term, successful career.

While the Webcast and Base Visit Presentations are designed to give you the big picture of Corporate America, the purpose of your initial interview, called a Personal Marketability Assessment, is to determine your own marketability.

We will get to know you by discussing a variety of topics:

  • Your past successes, military experience, education and goals
  • Career paths and salaries to expect
  • What you can do to improve your marketability
  • How you lead others, solve problems and complete tasks
  • Your short- and long-term career goals, and the locations you desire

Between these two meetings, you will have the information you need to make your military transition decision. We get to know every candidate personally, and this is considered the start of an exciting journey.

Company recruiters and Cameron-Brooks Alumni have told us over and over that PCS to Corporate America is one of the most valuable resources for any JMO thinking about a military transition.

It’s a “must read” if you:

  • Are considering military separation to enter Corporate America
  • Want to maximize your marketability
  • Want to know why more and more Junior Military Officers are landing great careers in Corporate America today
  • Want a tool for interviewing success
  • Want to improve your military career
  • Want to learn how to interview successfully

With over 45 years of experience, we have perfected the military-to-corporate transition process. No program works better to help you succeed!

  • You will immediately start the Development and Preparation Program© (DPP©). This self-paced program includes a reading course, self-assessment exercises, group workshops and individual sessions and other learning resources to achieve transition success. It’s individualized to fit your particular needs.
  • At a Cameron-Brooks Career Conference, we will provide you additional interview and company-specific training as well as personal coaching.
  • Following the Conference, you will work with our Follow-Up Process Team to achieve the ultimate goal of landing a new career.

JMOs looking to make a military transition will find greater opportunities at Cameron-Brooks than JMOs with your typical search firm. Over the years, we have established such trusted relationships with companies that many consider us their number one hiring source. We offer a diverse variety of career opportunities because our candidates are just as diverse.

The majority of our clients are FORTUNE 500 companies; however, we also represent many smaller growth-oriented, privately-held and foreign-owned companies. We recruit for many different positions and career fields where you can launch an extraordinary career.

Our program is free to you. Our client companies pay for our services because we significantly reduce the costs of recruiting for them.

Although meeting us in person is a great way to witness our dedication to your military transition, you can still get answers by attending one of our online “Master the Military to Business Transitions” Webinar. It’s easy and you can do it from the convenience of your own home.

Simply log onto our Resource Center to complete the Candidate Application. This application will begin your file. If you have not already, watch our On-Demand Webinar “Master the Military to Business Transition”. We look forward to helping you on this incredible journey.