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    Should a JMO Use a Military Officer Recruiting Firm in Today’s Economy?

    One of the questions we get asked often is “Should a JMO Use a Military Officer Recruiting Firm in Today’s Economy?” The current unemployment rate based on the latest bls.gov numbers is 3.6% and real unemployment sits at 6.9%.  For those over the age of 25 with a bachelor’s degree (the JMO demographic), the unemployment … Continue reading “Our Blog”

  • COVID-19 & the April 2020 Virtual Career Conference

    As we put the finishing touches on our first ever virtual Cameron-Brooks Career Conference, I find myself reflecting on the past and some of the similarities to today’s market.  Below is a blog post my colleague Joel Junker wrote in May 2009 at the height of the last economic recession.  I think you will find the … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • Telecommuting? Top Tips on Working from Home.

    In light of recent world events, COVID-19 has drastically shaped how businesses operate. Much of the American work force is now telecommuting / working from home to support social distancing, so the “typical work day” no longer feels “typical”. The DoD has also followed suit in support of the working from home model. Going from … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • The Coronavirus and Your Career Search. Any Correlation?

    News updates on the coronavirus have been flashing, buzzing and vibrating their way into our daily routines for the past couple of weeks. With the market responding to the uncertainty that comes along with a pandemic coupled with the typical market reactions due to an election year, how do these factors play into a career … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • January 2020 Career Conference Results

    Our first Career Conference of 2020 is now in the books and was a great success!  Despite having to change venues due to our Charlotte hotel being renovated, everyone survived January in Chicago!  We are now busy working hard to coordinate the follow-up interviews for all the January candidates and expect an action-packed 3 weeks … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • JMOs Launch Meaningful Careers in January 2020

    The Cameron-Brooks team is traveling to Chicago to help a new group of JMOs launch meaningful careers by kicking off their career search in 2020! During the course of conversations with our candidates, I will sometimes ask them what they find most valuable about their partnership with Cameron-Brooks.  As a result, I get very similar … Continue reading "Our Blog"