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    BLUF: A JMOs Key to Interview Success

    Updated September 2022 No, I don’t mean “bluff” your way through. Let me explain. Many years ago, when I was traveling and in a meeting with some JMOs while coaching them through their military-to-business transition, Susan, my wife, called me. She said, “Maeve (our daughter) fell off the monkey bars. She took a hard landing … Continue reading “Our Blog”

  • Jobs for Military Officers in 2022 (the Where, How and Why)

    The economy has definitely cooled from the rapid economic expansion we saw in late 2021 to early 2022.  However, there are still plenty of jobs for military officers, and we specifically experienced this at our recent August 2022 Career Conference.  During my interactions with companies, I heard three common reasons why they still needed to … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • August 2022 Career Conference Results

    The August 2022 Career Conference is now in the books, and the follow-up process is in full swing! The follow-up process will consist of a mix of virtual and in-person interviews with companies where there was mutual interest in moving forward in the interview process.  Since the pandemic started, we have seen the follow-up process … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • DoD Skillbridge & the August 2022 Career Conference

    I have spoken with many JMOs recently inquiring about the DoD Skillbridge program, how it works, and if it is possible to do the Skillbridge program with Cameron-Brooks. The short answer is YES! We are an approved provider for the DoD Skillbridge program. Once officers are approved to do a Skillbridge program, they typically start … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • Where Does My Military Background Fit in Business?

    “Where does my military background fit into business?” This is one of our most frequently asked questions. And it’s actually a very intuitive question because many military officers we speak with have considered staying in the military for a 20+ year career at some point or another. Because of this long-term goal, they have done … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • The Transition Journey from a Military Spouse Perspective

    Significant others always play a significant role in a military transition. The majority of the officers who come through our program have significant others, spouses and/or young families. Family plays a big factor in making the transition decision! And the Cameron-Brooks team has always encouraged involvement from significant others throughout the process, from joining our … Continue reading "Our Blog"