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    June 2021 Career Conference – Throwback to 2019?!

    This Friday, the Cameron-Brooks team will officially kick off the June 2021 Career Conference, our third of the year.  As we put the finishing touches on the Conference, we expect the average number of interviews per candidate to be ~13.0.   I’d like to take a moment and let that average number of interviews sink in. … Continue reading “Our Blog”

  • I Made My Transition 22 Years Ago – This is What I’ve Learned

    I transitioned from the military to business 22 years ago this July.  The time has flown and much has happened in 22 years in business, all with Cameron-Brooks!  I clearly remember my transition.  The military and the business world have changed significantly since my transition but the mechanics behind what it takes to succeed in … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • The Benefits of Diversity of Thought

    As we look back on this past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken front and center of what has happened in the world but has certainly not occupied all of the headlines.  We have also seen a lot of events and discussions around the idea of diversity and inclusion. When our CEO, Chuck Alvarez, speaks … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • What Does “Military Transition” Mean to You?

    The Latin origin of the word “transition” is “transire” or “go across”. When it comes to making a military transition, it’s typically defined as the change from military to civilian status. When officers decide to make a transition, they’re leaping (with a lot of faith) across the threshold into a new environment. And, through our … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • June 2021 Career Conference Results

    We have now completed the 2021 June Career Conference and the wheels are fast in motion as we coordinate the follow up interview process. Once again, the Career Conference was conducted virtually (our 7th virtual conference now) but we are actively engaging with our venues/hotels to determine when we can return to in-person Conferences.  As … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • How To Choose A Mentor — And How To Ask

    Do you know how to choose a mentor? Perhaps one of the most effective ways to assure your career development is to find and leverage a good mentor — or several. Even Roger Cameron, the founder of the JMO recruiting industry and Cameron-Brooks, used to say, “You will not reach your potential and move up … Continue reading "Our Blog"