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    April Career Conference Results

    The April 2021 Career Conference is now complete and we are quickly ramping up for the follow-up interview process!  The Conference was conducted virtually (our 6th virtual conference now) but we look forward to the time when we can return to in-person Conferences.  So, we want to give a very sincere and heartfelt thank you … Continue reading “Our Blog”

  • What Makes Cameron-Brooks Different from Other Transition Options?

    I get asked a lot of questions about what sets Cameron-Brooks apart from other military to business transition options.  Without knowing more of the why behind the officer asking the question and what is important to them in their career search, it can be difficult to answer.  So instead of trying to compare Cameron-Brooks to … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • April 2021 Career Conference & The Power of the Cameron-Brooks Network

    Tomorrow we will officially kick off the April 2021 Career Conference, our second of the year.  As we put the finishing touches on the Conference, we expect the average number of interviews per candidate to be ~11.5.   These interviews will be with a variety of industries, companies, career fields, positions, locations, etc. We have a … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • Top 5 Lessons I’ve Learned in the Pandemic

    Every year presents new challenges to businesses but nothing could have prepared Corporate America and the entire world for what 2020 and early 2021 could bring.  With the political unrest, economic and social issues, compounded with a global pandemic, companies and people have struggled to cope.  And yet, here we are one year later. Although … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • LinkedIn Tips for Beginners

    LinkedIn for beginners can be overwhelming. I’ll even admit, there’s quiet a bit of self-imposed pressure to have your profile perfect like you would for a resume. It’s a professional social media platform after all.  LinkedIn currently has over 700 million members, worldwide. And although 40% of users are active users, they’re 100% of the … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • The “Transition” in Action

    Our mission at Cameron-Brooks is to help military officers “transition.” Often when I say that to a JMO who is considering moving from the military to the business world, they look at me the same way my 16-year old daughter does when I tell her something she thinks she already knows. Let me explain. A … Continue reading "Our Blog"