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    Should You Be Exclusive With A JMO Recruiting Firm?

    The prevailing advice for junior military officers (JMOs) is that if you are going to use a recruiting firm, do not exclusively commit to just one firm. Now, this logic is solid if you consider that most recruiting firms don’t invest in JMOs ahead of time or spend as much of an effort matching them … Continue reading “Our Blog”

  • Putting the “D” in DPP

    I recently spoke with a JMO about their potential transition/transition goals, and they expressed some concerns about starting the process too early.  At this point, the officer was about 18 months from a potential transition.  He had, in fact, spoken with other recruiting firms who told him to reach out when he was 3 months … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • Up for a Business Adventure? Try A JMO Transition To Corporate America.

    When my wife and I decided on my JMO transition from the Army, one of the first questions we asked was, “Where will we live?” We quickly reached the seemingly obvious conclusion that we’d live in San Antonio. We both grew up in the Alamo City and much of our family still lives there – … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • Delivering Concise Interview Answers Requires Preparation and Practice

    We just wrapped up our April 2019 Career Conference where most of the 50+ JMO candidates attending had their first interview ever.  For these first time interviewers, one of the more difficult interviewing techniques to master is delivering concise, pointed and substantive interview answers.  This is an important concept to master because strong communication skills … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • April 2019 Cameron-Brooks Hiring Conference Results

    The second Career Conference of 2019 is now in the books! There were 54 candidates along with 19 spouses and/or support team members in attendance of our April Conference in Chicago. The candidates conducted over 650 interviews with an average of 12.1 interviews per candidate.  The pursuit rate for the April Career Conference was 63%, … Continue reading "Our Blog"
  • Attitude & The April 2019 JMO Hiring Conference

    Tomorrow the Cameron-Brooks team will travel to Chicago to kick off our second 2019 JMO hiring conference!  As we put the finishing touches on the conference preparation, we expect it to be another jam-packed four days with the candidates expecting to average 12+ interviews each! As the candidates make their final preparations for the Conference, … Continue reading "Our Blog"