• Episode 93 – Long-Term Business Success

    At Cameron-Brooks  we believe, amidst this global crisis, that quality leadership is more important than ever. So we will continue to post our regular podcasts to educate potential transitioning military officers. You are the future leaders Corporate America will need. This episode features Porsche Wilson.  Porsche transitioned to Corporate America from the Army in 2009 … Continue reading “Episode 93 – Long-Term Business Success”

  • The Cameron-Brooks Talent Equation

    My colleague and Cameron-Brooks President and CEO, Chuck Alvarez, recently forwarded an article to my colleagues and me which addresses a global shortage of what the author calls “talent”. Even with all of the current and future college graduates, the talent shortage continues and is getting worse. A potential reason for this is the word “talent” … Continue reading “The Cameron-Brooks Talent Equation”

  • Should a JMO Use a Military Officer Recruiting Firm in Today’s Economy?

    Recently, my colleague, Pete Van Epps, wrote a blog post regarding JMOs making a transition in the current economy. You can read that post here. I wanted to follow up his post by asking the question, should a JMO use a military officer recruiting firm in the current economy? After all, the current unemployment rate

  • Will the Economy Support Your PCS to Corporate America?

    Will the economy support your PCS to Corporate America? One of the first blog entries Cameron-Brooks ever posted was published on March 20, 2009. The title of the post is “The Economy – How is it Impacting Cameron-Brooks Candidates’ Career Searches?” The unemployment rate in March 2009 was 8.5% and it would rise to the

  • August 2018 Career Conference Results

    It's August 24th and our fourth Career Conference of the  year is a wrap! We conducted over 400 interviews with an average of 13.2 interviews per candidate.  The pursuit rate for the August Career Conference was just under 60%, which is defined as the number of interviews in which the candidates achieved success divided by the … Continue reading "August 2018 Career Conference Results"
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