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Military Transition with Cameron-Brooks: We did it! (E193)

Welcome back! We recently wrapped up our January 2024 Career Conference. The primary takeaway from the Conference is that companies remain motivated to pursue JMOs for their important leadership openings, and the prepared candidate will succeed at the Career Conference. Diving deeper, the key takeaways were:

The Economy

The economy tends to be a question on JMOs’ minds. Specifically, is the economy strong enough to support my transition, and will I find the right job when I exit the military? A fact I love to quote is that Cameron-Brooks has been helping military officers PCS to Corporate America for over half a century, and in all time, we have never canceled a Conference. Not during the “dot-com” recession in the early 2000s, not during the “Sub-prime mortgage recession” in 2008-2009, and not during the “Covid recession” in 2020. Never. Why? Well, just like the military never stops commissioning second lieutenants and ensigns, the business world never stops hiring and promoting leaders. That said, when we are navigating economic headwinds, opportunity heavily favors the prepared. And when you make a military transition with Cameron-brooks, we make sure you are prepared!

Read (or Listen)

Through the years, some of the most prepared candidates I’ve seen at Career Conferences are those who call themselves “voracious readers.” I believe that those people tend to have an advantage over those who don’t read much because they are way better at connecting the dots in an interview. Follow my logic – imagine you are not much of a reader, and you get an interview question like, “Tell me about a time you led your team to reach an important goal or objective.” Well, with no context to the position, company, or industry, you may just throw out an answer with a lot of hope that you’ll hit the target. Now, imagine in your transition preparation, you’ve read or listened to a book on Lean/Six Sigma, operational excellence, project management, finance, data analysis, and team leadership and you get the exact same question. With your knowledge, combined with the context of the position, company, and interest, you’ll tell the right experience in the right way and not only hit the target but nail the bullseye!


In this episode, we feature three of our most recent alumni. It is so impactful to hear them tell their stories because they successfully navigated the interview process, earned offers, selected the best for them and their families, and are preparing to launch their new careers in the business world. In this episode, you’ll hear from

Harry Donahue, Army Civil Affairs, USMA 2015

Austin Weiher, Army Intelligence, USMA 2019

Colin Stringert, Army Infantry, University of Wyoming, 2019

If you are looking for help, let’s talk about making a military transition with Cameron-Brooks! We have a track record of guiding military officers to create a step-by-step plan to learn about their options, connect their military experiences directly to opportunities in corporate America, craft a resume that will stand out to hiring managers, and ultimately launch a successful business career.

If you want to hear more from our alumni, check out our YouTube Channel where you’ll find many officers sharing their experiences with Cameron-Brooks.


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