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Three Tips to Manage Your Career (E194)

Welcome back! Today you’re going to get three tips to manage your career after you transition to business. I am glad to introduce you to Kingsley Spiller. He’s a former Army Infantry officer who moved to corporate America in 2016. He spent his time in the Army as a Platoon Leader, Executive Officer, and Battalion Logistics officer and finished up his career with a deployment to Afghanistan. He launched his business career as a District Manager at Aldi. In this episode, you will get a chance to hear Kingsley’s story. Specifically, Kingsley gets into some of the decisions he’s made in his career thus far as it relates to career development and where he sees his career going. If you are still in the military and wondering what it’s like to navigate your career successfully as you get started, this episode is for you!

In this conversation, Kingsley walks through three actions he’s taken to ensure success and growth as a leader at Aldi.

Start Strong

It all starts with getting into the right company. Kingsley interviewed for over 10 companies at his Cameron-Brooks Career Conference. He was able to evaluate different industries, companies and career options to find the best option for him. Not only that but within each of the options, he could evaluate many of the intrinsic values of each of the opportunities in order to select the best among many. This allowed him to get into the right role and use the leadership skills he gained in the military to start strong and make an immediate impact in the organization.

Be a Giver

Kingsley said one of the first things he did when he got to Aldi was looking for challenging assignments. He volunteered for hard jobs and took on the work that no one else wanted. This is exactly what corporate America is looking for in the JMOs. We want people who will go the extra mile without being asked and do it with a great attitude. Unbeknownst to Kingsley, this is one of the reasons he was able to rise quickly in his organization, which allowed him to build his brand and be seen as a leader in his organization.

See the Big Picture

Like most transitions or major changes in life, after the “honeymoon” phase, there is typically a dip. It’s typically not an insurmountable issue or problem. It’s more like the excitement of being recruited has subsided. The newness and novelty of the new thing have passed. This is often where people quit and start over. Kingsley does a great job talking about seeing the picture of his career. He knew that the next chapter of his professional book after the military wasn’t the last chapter! Often, JMOs tend to see the world in the very next step, not realizing that pivot transition phases of life and decisions made in the process will affect future chapters.

Kingsley has done a great job making an immediate impact when he started at Aldi, seeking out the toughest assignments and seeing the big picture regarding managing his career.

If you are wondering about your options as you consider the future, let’s have a quick chat on the phone. We have built a reputation for helping military officers make the move from the military to the business world, and we are standing on over a half-century of experience. If you are interested in launching your career in a leadership role in the world of business, I want to meet with you. Feel free to call or email directly to get started.

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