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Real JMO Transition Stories: Cameron-Brooks Career Conference (Ep 197)

Welcome back! This episode continues our Post-Conference Review series. As many of you know, Cameron-Brooks holds five Career Conferences per year. After every Career Conference, we lead a webcast with a few of our most recent alumni to let them share their experience with the Conference and the follow-up interview process. Hear some real JMO transition stories.

We continue to conduct these webcasts because officers continue to provide feedback on these episodes and how helpful they are.  Though everyone’s experience through the Cameron-Brooks process differs, our alumni continue to provide valuable insight that will demystify the entire process. In this episode, you will meet:

Mikayla Blaska is an Army Infantry Captain, Ranger qualified, who graduated from Princeton University with a BA in Psychology in 2019. She accepted a position with Motorola Solutions as a Territory Sales Finance Manager.

Kevin Hanigan is an Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle pilot who graduated from Ohio State University with a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2012. He accepted a position with Liberty Advisory Group as a Principal Consultant.

Gage Wampler is an Army Chemical Captain who graduated from the Virginia Military Academy with a BS in Computer Science in 2019. He accepted a position with Amcor as a Liquid Business Development Account Manager.

We tackled a wide array of topics during these real JMO transition stories and most of the questions came from the group who attended the live webcast.

  • What was the best part of the Conference?
  • How do you professionally handle a business interview in a virtual environment when there is more than one person in the room?
  • How do you prepare for back-to-back interviews when meeting different industries, companies, and functional career opportunities?
  • What was the follow-up interview process like?
  • Were there any professional certifications you pursued before the Career Conference that set you apart?
  • Was your college degree a factor in your interviews?
  • What type of training will you receive at your new company?
  • How do you manage the vast amount of information at the Career Conference?

We finished with a Lighting Round of questions to ensure that all questions were answered. Overall, it was an informative session, and their experience certainly provided a lot of insight into the process.

If you like hearing these real JMO transition stories and are considering what is next for you after the military, give me a call to discuss your options. Often, a short conversation with someone who has seen thousands of officers transition can be helpful in your process. Whether you decide to stay in or get out and regardless of whether you commit to a career in Corporate America, just having a conversation about your future plans and goals can help. If that is you, call me or email me directly to get started.

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