Interview tips

  • What Does Your Social Media Footprint Say About You?

    What does your social media footprint say about you? At one of our recent Career Conferences, a JMO and Cameron-Brooks candidate was ruled out in an interview based on content from their social media.  A  Cameron-Brooks alumnus and recruiter was reviewing their interview schedule and, like many employers, part of the review included looking through … Continue reading “What Does Your Social Media Footprint Say About You?”

  • Describing Problems vs. Projects

    Describing problems vs. projects in an interview is a critical key to a successful interview. At Cameron-Brooks, we travel frequently to meet our candidates across the United States and Europe. During our trips, we spend a good chunk of time conducting and leading live in-person interview preparation workshops to help our candidates learn how to … Continue reading “Describing Problems vs. Projects”

  • Delivering Concise Interview Answers Requires Preparation and Practice

    We just wrapped up our April 2019 Career Conference where most of the 50+ JMO candidates attending had their first interview ever.  For these first time interviewers, one of the more difficult interviewing techniques to master is delivering concise, pointed and substantive interview answers.  This is an important concept to master because strong communication skills … Continue reading “Delivering Concise Interview Answers Requires Preparation and Practice”

  • The Right Attitude is Everything!

    I wanted to revisit an article I had read some time ago that I recently came across again entitled, “Why I Regretted Hiring the Perfect Employee,” by Marc Lore.  Now, I don’t know Marc nor do I typically follow his blog posts but I happened across this article and he highlighted several points that I … Continue reading “The Right Attitude is Everything!”

  • What is Your Leadership Style?

    Pretty basic question, right? When I ask a Junior Military Officer (JMO) this question, he or she usually begins to describe how they lead an individual or a group of people over whom they have positional authority. In most cases, we would classify that as team leadership. I published a more detailed blog post on team leadership, which … Continue reading “What is Your Leadership Style?”

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