Master the Military to Business Transition

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Are you considering transitioning from the military and exploring how to start a successful business career?

In over 50 years of military-to-business career and transition coaching, we’ve discovered the top questions JMOs ask when starting their career decision process.

And we came up with a way to quickly get you the answers you’ll need.

On this 1-hour webinar you’ll discover everything you need to know to transition to business, where we answer questions like…

What kind of industries hire Junior Military Officers?

What will my future look like in Corporate America?

What kind of salary can I expect?

How will location preference fit into my transition plans?

How do I prepare for a military-to-business transition?

How does my background compare to those already in the workforce?

As you weigh your career options, the team at Cameron-Brooks is here to help you determine if a military-to-business transition is truly the right step for you.

Watch now to take the first step in your career decision process.