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Episode 132 – Post-August 2021 Career Conference Review

Welcome back for a special episode! Rob Davis, Transition Coach, interviewed 5 recent alumni of the August 2021 Career Conference for our post-August 2021 Conference review webcast. At the time of the interview, all alumni guests had already accepted an offer for employment. We really enjoy doing this type of episode because it gives those who are planning to attend a future Career Conference (or those who are curious about the details of the conference) a “peek over the fence” to how exactly everything went down.

In this episode, Rob spends a few minutes sharing the “statistics of the Conference” – average number of interviews, pursuit rate, the companies who attended and the positions offered (see much more about this here). He also shares the interview schedule of a candidate from the Conference. Hearing the breadth of companies that just one officer interviewed with is very interesting. The variety of interviews coupled with the fact that no two officers had an identical schedule highlights that the career conference is personally tailored to fit the officer’s needs and wants.

The alumni that Rob interviewed were from both the USMC and Army and different branches including Infantry, Signal, Intelligence, Aviation and Air Defense Artillery. He engaged them in the following lines of questions:

    • Your reason for partnering with Cameron-Brooks.
    • The biggest surprise from the Conference
    • The most beneficial thing you did to prepare for the interview.
    • Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?
    • How did you grow professionally through this process?

Then, the panel fielded questions from the live audience on topics such as:

    • What caught you off guard?
    • What is the follow up interview process like including “dinner interviews?”
    • Salary-based questions
    • What about remote work?
    • Location preference
    • The transition timeline
    • Virtual vs. in-person interviews
    • How did you prepare?
    • What are you most excited about?

These episodes are so insightful because you get to hear perspectives from officers who just wrapped up their career search days before this webcast/podcast. I hope that their perspective gives more insight in your future transition.

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