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Episode 133 – Career Management? Do What You Are Good At!

When I ask officers in the military what they are looking to do when they get out of the military, I often hear something like, “I want to do something I am passionate about.” When I follow up with a question, “Like what?” I typically don’t hear a clear and specific answer.

I think I know why.

When a leader really examines what they are passionate about it’s NOT a hobby like golf or surfing. It IS typically LEADERSHIP.

I speak to former military officers all the time and the thing that I hear over and over again is they are passionate about leading teams, solving problems, leading projects, thinking critically and making a difference. Whether that is a medical company, a consumer packaged goods company or another company. That is exactly what the guest of this episode, Stevie Solano, said.

Stevie is a former Air Force Aircraft Maintenance officer who transitioned in early 2018 and went to work at USAA in a business analyst role. In this episode we talk for a moment about her Air Force career, her experience partnering with Cameron-Brooks and her career management since her transition. We also talk about the Career Conference she attended and why she ultimately chose USAA over all of the other offers she received.

The conversation ultimately landed on the topic of how she managed her career into the role she is doing now as a Senior Strategy Analyst. This is similar to the role she started in, but describes how she used her skills and

experience to navigate to a role where she can really capitalize on her ability to build relationships, think creatively and come up with solutions that make her company better!

I think you’ll really appreciate this episode because Stevie gives further perspective on her role as a business analyst and insight into that career field broadly and the things she did to find early success in the role and the company.

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