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BY petevanepps

Episode 116 – Defining the JMO Transition

Welcome back! In this episode we are continuing the conversation with Cameron-Brooks President and CEO, Chuck Alvarez. In Episode 114, Joel Junker interviewed Chuck as they explored how Cameron-Brooks helped Junior Military Officers (JMOs) move from the military to Corporate American in 2020 (during a global pandemic.) Chuck also looked forward to 2021 and shared his predictions on how things would shape up. In that episode, Chuck defined the word “transition”, or at least how we define that word. In the process, he provided some much needed clarity and tangibilityTransition from military to civilian to the idea of a JMO transition. In this episode, I asked to Chuck to go deeper on the topic. In doing so, he makes some points in the conversation that I think will really help JMOs in their decision making process regarding a “transition.”

A major concern that executives in Corporate America consistently face is ensuring that their leadership bench at the Director and Vice President level is full of talent. Like the military, companies must be deliberate and diligent about managing their “supply chain of talent” and executives are constantly looking 5 to 10 years into the future to ensure that leadership bench is robust. This is what Corporate America calls “Succession Planning” – their strategic process by which companies manage and evaluate talent within their ranks.

So when we define the word “transition”, we are talking about a 3-4 year process where a JMOs goes from marketing themselves as an experienced military leader with business potential to an experienced business professional that comes from the military.

Lastly, Chuck sheds light on two potential military transition pitfalls that are out there. First, when making this type of pivot from the military to the world of business, he encourages those wanting to rise in a company to try and not be overly restrictive initially. He compares this idea to staring a company and trying to launch a new product in just one city! Narrowing too early is process can be a major governor on a JMO’s future success. Second, because we don’t have a Branch Manager, Monitor or Detailer managing our career in business, it’s important to make smart + calculated career decisions that allow for future growth. Nothing will stunt a career faster than jumping around to 2, 3, 4 or even more companies when first leaving the military.

I hope you enjoy Chuck’s insight and depth of knowledge and experience. Stayed tuned to the next episode for part two of my conversation with Chuck where we dive into the idea of the power of comparison.

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