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BY petevanepps

Episode 130 – Economy Update from Chuck Alvarez

Welcome back to the Cameron-Brooks podcast! I am excited to bring this particular episode to you, because we have the pleasure of bringing back Chuck Alvarez, Cameron-Brooks CEO. Chuck has been with Cameron-Brooks for over 25 years, the last 9 of which has been at the head of the organization. He has personally helped over 2,500 JMOs move from the military to Corporate America, so he brings a wealth of insight and perspective to the conversation.

Back on January 4, 2021 our Senior Vice President, Joel Junker, interviewed Chuck – his first appearance on the Cameron-Brooks podcast. In that episode (114), Chuck looked back at the year that was 2020 (and the massive ups and downs that occurred) and looked forward to 2021. He took time to fully describe the word “transition” as it relates to the JMO and how valuable comparing multiple opportunities in an interview process can be to finding the right career. That episode spawned two more episodes on each of those topics – Episode 116: Defining the JMO Transition and Episode 118: The Power of Comparison. We have affectionately coined those three podcasts “The Trilogy” as they have helped so many people consider how to navigate a successful transition. If you haven’t heard those yet, I’d encourage you to give those a listen, as well.

Here we are in August 2021 and we wanted to hear from Chuck about what he’s seeing in the market and his thoughts on the state of the economy. He spends much of his time exploring the opportunities that companies bring to Cameron-Brooks and so he is getting a daily, first-hand account of what is happening in the economy.

“Is now the right time?” That is a question that I get from JMOs who are considering making the move to Corporate America. In this episode Chuck

takes that question head on. If you are on the fence about staying in or getting out, this episode is for you. I think you’ll find Chuck’s advice timely, insightful and ultimately helpful in making a decision (regardless of the direction you ultimately take.)

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