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BY Joel Junker

April 2022 Career Conference – Discovering Your Best Career Fit

As the country slowly climbs out of the Pandemic and into what we hope will be a pleasant springtime, Cameron-Brooks, our candidates, and client companies prepare diligently for our second Career Conference of 2022!

We always get excited for our Career Conferences because this is where the proverbial rubber meets the road and our candidates are finally able to begin their career search!  Let’s face it…making a decision to transition from the military is a life changing decision.  To make things more complicated to an already often stressful situation, the process of transitioning requires JMOs to submit a resignation from the military often months before they have a job lined up “on the outside.”

As officers consider options and ways to separate from the military and ensure they have a job lined up before beginning terminal leave, one of the hot topics as of late has been internships.  Are they applicable to JMOs?  How does Cameron-Brooks differ from them?  Does Cameron-Brooks offer internships?  Etc.

While Cameron-Brooks does not offer internships in the traditional sense, we are an approved provider within the DoD Skillbridge program.  Upon being approved by the officer’s chain of command, they can spend their last few months on active duty solely focused on our Development & Preparation Program as they prepare to attend the Career Conference.  Currently there are 5 officers using Cameron-Brooks as their Skillbridge program and we have another 11 officers who will be doing the same at the June Career Conference.

While internships may sound appealing (and for some it may be the right option based on their goals), it still is just one opportunity with no guarantee of a job offer.  Our candidates typically attend a Conference 45-60 days prior to beginning terminal leave and interview with multiple opportunities, which allows them to discover their best career fit. At the Career Conference, they will be able to:

    • Conduct a broad career search evaluating multiple career fields/industries at the same time.
    • Interview for vetted roles with industry leading companies, specific to their background and level of experience.
    • Accept positions with companies where our alumni are with their placed company 97% one year after a transition and 93% after three years.

If you’d like to learn more about military internships and our take on the pros & cons, I encourage you to visit our transition guide section and download a copy of our latest whitepaper here.  Additionally, you can listen to our podcasts on the subject in part 1 and part 2.

As for the April Career Conference, we have another terrific lineup of candidates and companies and, as of this blog post, we expect the average number of interviews per candidate to be ~12.5 .

We are expecting over 50 hiring groups and 35 distinct companies to attend the April Conference.  Additionally, we have 27 Cameron-Brooks alumni among the other company recruiters attending to recruit for OPEN positions on behalf of their companies.

Here is a quick sampling of what we have in store for the April candidates:

Sample Industries Include:

Consumer Package Goods (CPG); Consulting; Banking & Financial Services; Pharmaceutical; Robotics; Logistics; Medical Device; Property Management; Oil & Gas; Communications; Facilities Services; Building Materials; Power Generation & Utilities;  and many more.

Sample Companies Include:

ABIOMED, Inc; Corning, Inc.; Johnson & Johnson; Motorola Solutions; GSK Consumer Healthcare; Post Consumer Brands; EMCOR; Medtronic; SC Johnson; Ernst & Young; KeyBank; Altec Industries; Schneider National; Citigroup, Inc.; Shaw Industries Group; and many many more.

Sample Positions Include:

Sales Account Manager; Area Service Manager; Director of Integrations; Global Program Manager; Field Engineer; Plant Section Supervisor; Product Stewardship Engineer; Pricing & Solutions Development Manager; Senior Consultant; Associate Brand Manager; IT Project Liaison; New Product Introduction Program Manager; Field Technical Specialist; Senior Supply Chain Specialist; Operations Manager; Applications Sales Engineer; Finance Manager; Procurement Category Manager; Information Systems Manager; Automation Manager; and many more.

Sample Locations Include:

Boston, MA; Seattle, WA; San Antonio, TX; Cincinnati, OH; Los Angeles, CA; Denver, CO; New York, NY; Charlotte, NC; Philadelphia, PA; Salt Lake City, UT; Chicago, IL; Minneapolis, MN; Dallas, TX; Phoenix, AZ; Atlanta, GA; Frederick, MD; Indianapolis, IN; Savannah, GA; Miami, FL; Remote Work; and many more.

As always, stay tuned until next week. I’ll be back to post the results of the April 2022 Cameron-Brooks Career Conference!


If you are interested in learning more about discovering your best career fit, exploring your options with Cameron-Brooks and curious about how to make a successful transition, I encourage you to call us at 210-874-1500! You can also check out our website, YouTube Channel, and follow us on LinkedIn.

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