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Episode 141 – Internships vs. Recruiting Firms. What’s Right for You?

Recruiting Firms vs. Internships. What’s Right for You?

Today we wanted to discuss a hot topic as of late: internships. Traditionally, there were just a couple of avenues in which an officer could initiate and facilitate their transitions (like personal networking, recruiting firms,

transition assistance classes, etc.). Now we’ve started to see and hear more about different military internship programs.

The Dod has started a program called Skillbridge that seeks to help facilitate the transition and subsequent employment of military members as they leave the service. Many officers we speak with have questions about how an internship could potentially work in tandem with a recruiting firm.
So how does an internship work vs. a recruiting firm? And what are the pros and cons of both options?
During our rountable discussion, we talk about some pros of completing an internship with a company:
– Perceived certainty
– Immediate control over location
– And more…
As well as some cons.
And some of the pros of partnering with a recruiting firm:
– Broad career search (evaluating multiple career fields/industries at the same time)
– Vetted roles, specific to the officer’s background and level of experience
– Retention rates (97% of our alumni are with their placed company three years after a transition)
– And more…
As well as some cons.
Our hope? We’d like this information to prove helpful as you consider different transition options (internships, recruiting firms, etc.) and how they can affect your career search.
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