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Episode 142 – Internships vs. Recruiting Firms. What’s Right for You? (Part 2)

Internships vs. Recruiting Firms. What’s Right for You? (Part 2)

We recently hosted a roundtable discussion, covering the topics of choosing to engage in an internship vs. utilizing a recruiting firm on the podcast. Joel and Pete listed the pros and cons of each, as well as detailed what options might be right for you.

We’d recommend listening to that episode before tuning into “part 2”!

During this mini-episode, we cover how an internship can align with the Cameron-Brooks program and what a day-to-day could look like.

The topics include:

  • The true purpose of the Skillbridge internship
  • How Cameron-Brooks qualifies as a Skillbridge program
  • The Developmental and Preparation Program (DPP) and how it forms and contributes to transition/interviewing curriculum
  • What the day-to-day of an internship could look like for you
  • How to inquire about getting the ball rolling with Cameron-Brooks

We’ve had a number of officers complete their Skillbridge program through Cameron-Brooks! And – all of them have absolutely crushed it at their Career Conferences. What do we mean by this? Each officer was able to gain the attention of multiple companies who were represented at the Conference and earn competitive offers.

Yes, “offers” is plural.

If you’re curious to learn more about internships and Cameron-Brooks, email pete@cameron-brooks.com or give us a call at 210-874-1500. You can also check out our Transition Guide on “The 5 Most Common Mistakes JMOs Make Transitioning” for additional transition tips.

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