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BY petevanepps

The Accuracy of a Cameron-Brooks Career Conference

“Why should I partner with Cameron-Brooks?” This question is often posed to me during my conversations with JMOs. And, depending on the person’s goals and how they want to conduct their career search, the conversation can take many directions. My favorite part of the conversation is sharing the value of a career search with Cameron-Brooks. You can read more about it here and here and here.

Another way to understand the value of Cameron-Brooks, however, is to discuss the power and accuracy of attending a Cameron-Brooks Career Conference. Upon conclusion of our Career Conferences, we walk beside our candidates as they conduct follow up interviews with our client companies. Some highlights from our August Career Conference include:

  • The officers averaged 13 interviews a the Conference, all matched to their career preferences and interests.
  • 92% of the companies who attended the Conference have have hired Cameron-Brooks alumni previously.
  • 30% of the company recruiters who attended were alumni of Cameron-Brooks, and they were attending the Conference to recruit for their open positions.
  • 80% of the company attendees were Hiring Cameron-Brooks Career ConferenceManagers with decision-making authority.  20% were Human Resources leaders accompanying the Hiring Managers in the process.  Companies send leaders to recruit more leaders.
  • Not one company was a defense contractor and not one company asked about a security clearance.  They were all at the event looking for high potential leaders transitioning to Corporate America.
  • Within one week, 97% of the companies invited candidates from the Conference for on-site interviews.
  • 100% of the candidates have multiple follow up interviews already scheduled.  Over half of the candidates already have 4 or more follow up interviews on their schedules.
There is a difference between a job fair and a Career Conference.  Our Conferences are so much more targeted. Companies come to Conferences with open positions for development candidates that they looking to fill NOW.  They prioritize this event as a key part of their recruiting strategy.
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Best of Success,
Pete Van Epps