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BY Joel Junker

The Value of Starting a Career Search at a Cameron-Brooks Conference

This past week, I met with a Cameron-Brooks Alumnus who works at an $8 million division of a larger $250 million company.  While the company is small relative to a FORTUNE 500 Company, it is publicly traded and manufactures laser systems that measure raw materials during production processes.  He is essentially the Chief Operations Officer “second in command” of this division.  This is a lot of responsibility for the first position out of the military!  As he gave me a tour of the facility I was amazed at the complexity of the technology and operation.  I could see why he chose this opportunity.

Later in our conversation, I said to him, “I remember you had two other offers at the end of your follow up interview process.  The other two were great opportunities and brand names anyone would recognize.”  I then asked him, “If it was prior to the Conference, how would you rank those 3 companies?”  He listed his current company dead last!  He said, “I didn’t know what I didn’t know until I got to the Conference.  It is impossible to understand the quality and all of the different types of opportunities available at the Cameron-Brooks Conference.”

FORTUNE Magazine had 3 lists that came out in September that support this Alumnus’ statement and the value of considering all of the options at a Cameron-Brooks Conference.

First, FORTUNE had their Fastest Growing Companies list. Two of our clients made the list.
Packaging Corporation of America – #39
Abiomed – #61

Second, they had their Change the World list.  Four of our client companies made this list.
Walmart – #4
GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) – #6
Cargill – #25
Unilever – #28

Finally, they had their list of Most Powerful Women.
For the second year in a row, Cameron-Brooks Alumnus Debra Crew, a former Army MI Officer, made the list at #46.lis09-15_crew-copy1

Below is a quote from an August 2015 Conference attendee that explains in his own words the value of starting a career search evaluating numerous high quality opportunities and the value of the Cameron-Brooks Career Conference.

Mike Keighley
University of Maine ’06 – Business Management
Army Aviation Officer – Captain
HCA Healthcare – Information Security Analyst

“Cameron-Brooks does an excellent job at getting to know every aspect of you and finding jobs that you would never find on your own. When they say “trust the process,” you really do just have to trust it. I never could have conducted a job search to find the opportunities that Cameron-Brooks found for me. You also gain an insane amount of interview experience within a short amount of time. I can’t imagine how long it would take to gain that experience on my own and how many failures I’d have to go through until I got it right.”

Joel Junker