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BY petevanepps

Our Comprehensive Program is Your Advantage

While traveling to Germany recently, I had an interesting conversation with a Junior Military Officer after I finishing an Information Meeting. She approached me and asked, “Why is the Cameron-Brooks process so much more extensive relative to other recruiting firms.”  I appreciated the question and thought others may have the same question.  The answer to the question really starts with the companies with whom we partner.  When our clients attend our Career Conferences, they represent key leadership positions in their organization that must be filled.  They are looking for officers who desire to transition from the military to Corporate America and continue the leadership trajectory they started when commissioning as an officer.  That may sound simple, but it is not. It is difficult to find officers with the ability to rise to higher levels of leadership in an organization and a desire to compete in the business world.  Because of that, our clients are selective.

Before every Cameron-Brooks Career Conference, each company that will attend provides a specific set of criteria for each of the roles for which they are recruiting. That criteria includes objective assets and characteristics such as academic background, military experience, past performance,  personality and demeanor. Each company also has multiple conversations with Chuck Alvarez, the President and CEO of Cameron-Brooks, and other members of the Cameron-Brooks team to ensure that we fully understand the type of officer for which they are looking.  That is the first element of why the Cameron-Brooks process is extensive. Based on the criteria that our clients provide as to whom they want to interview, it is incumbent upon Cameron-Brooks to ensure we know the officers with whom we choose to partner.  Over the last 15 Career Conferences, the average number of months an officer spends in our program before attending a Career Conference is about 11 months.  During that time, in almost every case, we have the opportunity to meet with that officer face-to-face multiples times. Through those meetings, we get a very good understanding of their background, work experience, strengths and development areas. We have the opportunity to coach, develop and mentor these officers as they explore the types of career fields for which they are qualified and in which they are interested.

The second element that contributes to the comprehensive nature of our program is transition preparation.  The leadership roles for which our clients recruit are competitive. Our clients have a very high standard that the officers they interview will fit well in the role.  It is imperative that when a transitioning JMO interviews for a role, he or she is effective in the following areas. First, the JMO must communicate their ability and track record. That is, he or she must explain to a hiring manager ideas and concepts that the manager can understand (i.e., non-military terms) and their experience and track record as it specifically relates to the role for which they are interviewing.  Second, the JMO must communicate a sincere desire and interest to lead in the industry, company and position. Finally, the officer must quickly build rapport, allowing a hiring manager to get to know him or her and see that person contributing in the role. The bottom line is that we know that success in the military leads to success in business and we literally have thousands of data points to back that up. We also know, however, that success in the military does not necessarily equal success in a professional interview. It takes time, energy and practice to communicate effectively in an interview.  I’ve never heard a Cameron-Brooks Alum say they wish they would have waited to form a partnership with Cameron-Brooks before attending a Career Conference.

Our process is extensive because the clients with which we partner require it.  The comprehensive nature of our Development and Preparation Program© ultimately benefits each JMO with whom we partner, preparing them to connect their background effectively in an interview and lead in Corporate America.

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Pete Van Epps