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BY Joel Junker

August 2018 Career Conference Results

It’s August 24th and our fourth Career Conference of the  year is a wrap! We conducted over 400 interviews with an average of 13.2 interviews per candidate.  The pursuit rate for the August Career Conference was just under 60%, which is defined as the number of interviews in which the candidates achieved success divided by the total number of their interviews. Achieving success in an interview at the Career Conference simply means the companies expressed interest in moving forward in the interview process with the candidate. So, for this Conference, the candidates converted 7.8 of those 13.2 interviews into a successful interview.

There were 31 distinct companies that attended but many companies had multiple divisions attend.  Additionally, there were 21 Cameron-Brooks alumni in attendance recruiting on behalf of their companies with the vast majority of the recruiters being hiring managers. As I type this blog post, we already in the process of coordinating follow-up interviews across the country for our August candidates!

Some of the client companies represented at the August Career Conference included the following:

  • A 90+ year old leading global management consulting firm with 60 offices in more than 40 countries.  This company works with more than 75% of Fortune’s 500 Companies, and recent accolades include the Forbes “Best Managing Consulting Firms” for 2018.  Their services include Analytics, Cost Transformation, Digital Transformation, Global Policy, Leadership, Change and Organization, Marking and Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions, Procurement, Strategy and Top-Line Transformation, and Supply Chain.  They attended the Conference recruiting for consulting positions.
  • For over 160 years, this company has developed life-changing innovations including the glass for Edison’s light bulb, ultra-thin glass for active maxtrix liquid crystal displays (LCDs), ceramic substrates for diesel and automotive emissions control, the first commercially viable low-loss fiber for use in telecommunications, etc.   They are a global company with advanced research centers and the leading manufacturer of optical fiber and cable systems for the telecommunications industry, high performance glass for television and information display applications, and advanced materials for the scientific, semiconductor, and environmental industries.  They attended the Conference recruiting for Corporate Strategy Project Management positions.
  • For more than 80 years, this company has delivered goods and services that have helped customers grow their businesses, moved our economy forward and enhanced the lives of people everywhere.  From the humble beginnings of a single truck, this company is a leading transportation and logistics services company providing a broad portfolio of premier truckload, intermodal and logistics solutions, and operating one of the largest for-hire trucking fleets.  This company offers services to approximately 19,000 customers across their portfolio, including nearly 200 FORTUNE 500 companies.  They attended the Conference recruiting for operations and general management positions.
  • A FORTUNE 250 company and one of the world’s leading medical technology companies.  The company offers a diverse array of innovative products and services in Orthopaedics, Medical and Surgical, and Neurotechnology and Spine, which helps improve patient and hospital outcomes.  Seventy-five years of innovation has led this company to deliver 60,000+ products in 100+ countries around the world.  They attended the Conference recruiting for a variety of roles in manufacturing, sales, and marketing.
  • Starting as a small mutual fund company over 70 years ago, this company is now one of the largest financial services firms in the world serving 27 million individual customers and managing $6.8 trillion of customer assets.  Their Personal Investing business provides financial planning and retirement options such as IRAs, annuities, and managed accounts, brokerage and cash management products, college savings accounts, and other financial services for millions of individual investors.   They attended the August Conference recruiting for IT project management positions.
  • And many more……….

If you are interested in exploring your options and seeing how Cameron-Brooks could assist you in your career search just like our August Career Conference candidates, check out the link below for our upcoming base visits in your area:


Rob Davis