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BY Joel Junker

JMOs with Engineering and Technical Degrees: Corporate America Wants You!

Corporate America has significant demand for Junior Military Officers (JMOs) with engineering and technical degrees. They value the unique combination of leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving ability, and technical aptitude. Companies can find people with leadership skills. They can also recruit engineers from academic campuses. But what Corporate America has a hard time finding is the unique combination of both. Where can they find such a unique candidate? The JMO who is transitioning from the military to business.

A common misperception many JMOs with engineering and technical degrees have is that if they transition into an engineering type role, they will be stuck in a subject matter expert role or doing design work. This is not true! While there are many positions out there like this, companies hire JMOs to lead people, manage projects, solve problems, and interact with customers. They also hire JMOs to promote and develop them for future leadership roles in their companies. In fact, many companies in technical industries such as energy, biopharmaceutical, medical device, semiconductor, and hi-tech will only hire engineers for developmental roles.

Where do JMOs with engineering or technical degrees start in business? The list is endless and can include: Quality Engineering with a FORTUNE 500 Medical Device company; Development Engineering for a FORTUNE 500 oil and gas company, New Product Development with a leading semiconductor company making solar powered semiconductors, Applications Engineering in commercial construction, Process Engineering optimizing manufacturing at biopharmaceutical plant, and more.

Companies value the leadership, critical thinking and real-world experiences of JMOs so much they discount that many JMOs have not used their degree. And, because companies value the diverse skill set of a technically degreed JMO, they also recruit for other types of positions. These include consulting, corporate strategy, medical device sales, business analysis, marketing, Six Sigma Blackbelt, and many others.

When JMOs with technical degrees transition with Cameron-Brooks, they can interview with 10+ companies over 2 days. They get to interview for a wide variety of positions and industries, helping them conduct a career search to find their best fit in the business world. At Cameron-Brooks, we don’t help JMOs find jobs, we help them launch careers. Below are LinkedIn profiles of some of our alumni. If you want a career like them, email me today at jjunker@cameron-brooks.com.