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BY Joel Junker

Misperceptions Part 2: JMO Development Opportunities

I want to add another point to Rob’s last blog post regarding our clients and types of positions. I want to address another misperception.

Last week, I had an interesting conversation with a JMO evaluating Cameron-Brooks and comparing us to other companies in the JMO recruiting industry. He said that based on his conversation with another recruiting firm, he doubted whether or not the positions we represent really have the promotional opportunities we say they do. He claimed that Roger Cameron made up the terms “Development Candidate” and “Development Position,” and the positions which we represent really are no different than he could find on the internet through other sources or on his own. I would like to address this. Yes, Roger did create and define these terms with his first three clients, Mobil (now ExxonMobil), Johnson & Johnson, and Procter & Gamble, back in the late 1960s. Together, they used it to define the type of person who could rise to leadership positions in the organization. The term was not so much used to determine the type of position, but rather the type of person the company wanted to hire. The clients and Roger wanted candidates who had the ability and desire to start in a commercial business and be promoted several times to higher levels of responsibility. Back then, and even today, a Development Candidate may start in the exact type of position as someone else. The most important factors are the following: 1) The company will capitalize on the JMO’s skill set; 2) The organization will provide opportunities in the position to grow and develop; and, 3) The position will provide a strong foundation for future significant leadership opportunities and, based on performance, the JMO will have promotional opportunities.

We have a reputation that we are very selective with our candidates. What most people may not recognize is that we also vet our clients and positions. We spend hours on the phone with them to discuss why they want to hire the JMO, the future career path, the position responsibilities, and much more to ensure we fulfill the promises we make to the candidates.

Interestingly, that same week the potential JMO candidate asked me these questions, I sent an e-mail out to hundreds of Cameron-Brooks Alumni asking them for quotes we could use to represent our services, website, PCS to Corporate America and more. We contacted Alumni from 2 to 20 years ago. I asked them to include their current title and company. When the candidate said this to me, I pulled out the responses and started reading off the position titles and company names. I thought it was powerful. It was clear to the candidate that the positions our Alumni now hold are not ones a JMO could just start in, but rather had to work hard to get promoted into and that they are rising into higher and higher levels of leadership positions. I want to share several of the titles and companies for you to see for yourself.

Senior Vice President/City President
Regions Bank

Director, Global Product Line Management
Corning Cable Systems

Vice President and General Manager
WhiteWave Foods

Human Resources Director
Corning Display Technologies

Senior Vice President, Sales
St Jude Medical

Division Manager
Schneider National Carriers

Associate Vice President, Strategic Accounts
Johnson & Johnson

Plant Manager
Cardinal Glass Industries

Customer Supply Chain Group Manager

Director, Strategic Program Management
Procter & Gamble

And many, many more!

Sure, some companies do not call the positions “Developmental” like we do, but I would ask the Cameron-Brooks Alumni if they feel like they have future opportunities for promotion. Based on the response I received back, I would say the resounding answer is, “Yes!”

Joel Junker