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BY Joel Junker

June 2012 Career Conference Results

We just completed the June 2012 Career Conference this past week.  56 candidates and 11 spouses and support team members attended the Conference, and all candidates have companies pursuing them into the follow-up process.  The candidates interviewed with an average of 12.1 companies and averaged 7.3 companies pursuing them for a 60% pursuit rate. This is very consistent with past Career Conferences.  The ratio of opportunities to candidates at this Conference was approximately 1.5:1.  The entire Cameron-Brooks Team congratulates the June Conference candidates on their first successful step in their transition to Corporate America.

The candidates at the June Career Conference bonded and worked together very well over the four-day period. I believe a lot of this was due in part to the candidates already working together in study groups at their respective posts and bases. They were familiar with each other, and it made the Conference proceed very smoothly for everyone.

The size of the companies attending our June Career Conference varied from several companies with 12+ employees to companies with over 135,000 employees. There were privately held companies represented, as well as some of the largest companies on the FORTUNE 500 list. Industries included consulting/risk assurance, biopharmaceutical manufacturing, building materials, consumer products, oil & gas energy, high-tech manufacturing, logistics, financial services, and medical device.

Our client companies brought a wide array of opportunities to the June Conference:  manufacturing engineer, new product introduction engineer, production supervisor, senior consultant, regional manager, field clinical representative, inside sales manager, Six Sigma black belt, technical services engineer, financial manager, business strategist, product design engineer, facilities manager, manufacturing cell manager, logistics team leader, operations manager, account manager, business development project manager, and more.

Some of the various locations represented included New York, Indianapolis, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, West Palm Beach, Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Long Island, Nashville, Cleveland, Little Rock, Tucson, and more.

The list of client companies at the June Conference included the following:

  • One of the world’s premier manufacturing companies, creating innovative products for large and growing markets worldwide.  For over 100 years, this company has grown by pioneering innovative technologies and products that enrich lives in every corner of the world and in the most dynamic segments of the global economy.  For the second year in a row, this company was named the third most innovative company in the world behind Google and Apple and invests over $1 billion annually into research and development.  This company attended the Conference looking for dynamic leaders, in whom they can invest long term, to fill a variety of positions.
  • A FORTUNE 500 company who is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of medical devices for interventional medical specialties around the globe. With 26 manufacturing, distribution and technology centers worldwide and a dedicated marketing and sales force, they deliver more than 13,000 products in over 45 different countries. They help clinicians improve patients’ lives by delivering innovative medical technologies that lead the world in quality, reliability and efficacy.  They are a long-time client of Cameron-Brooks and regularly attend Career Conferences looking for top candidates in manufacturing and sales.
  • A world leader responsible for pioneering the modern air/ground express delivery industry. This company is the world’s largest express transportation company, and responsible for more than 8 million shipments for express, ground, freight and expedited delivery services to every U.S. address and to more than 220 countries and territories. This company is a long-standing client of Cameron-Brooks and regularly recruits from us to fill various leadership positions in their organization.
  • This company’s innovative search technologies connect millions of people around the world with information every day.  Founded in 1998, this company today is a top web property in all major global markets.  Their targeted advertising program provides businesses of all sizes with measurable results while enhancing the overall web experience for users.  The company continues to be one of the fastest growing in the world and a top FORTUNE 100 company.  They have attended many Cameron-Brooks Career Conferences in the past looking for top leadership talent that can contribute and grow with their organization.
  • One of the largest electric power companies in North America, with over 41,000 mw of generating capacity in 24 states in theU.S.and 3 provinces inCanada. Their business strategy has emphasized the development, acquisition, and operation of renewables, nuclear and natural gas-fired generation facilities in response to long-term federal policy trends supportive of zero and low air emissions sources of power. The division that attended the June Conference is one of the largest wholesale generators of electric power in theUnited Statesproducing the majority of its electricity from clean and renewable sources, including wind, solar, and hydro.
  • The #1 retailer in theUnited Statesand the world, selling a vast array of items in over 30 departments. This company serves customers and members more than 200 million times per week at more than 8,000 retail units under 55 different banners in 15 countries. They revolutionized the retail industry by providing customers with quality products at the lowest possible prices. They introduced and broadly implemented the distribution concepts that are widely used today across all businesses, thereby defining the supply chain as we know it. They are a recurring client of Cameron-Brooks and attended the Conference looking for top leadership talent.

To learn more about the Cameron-Brooks Career Conference experience, I’ve posted several videos from candidates who attended the June Conference on our Facebook.

Rob Davis