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BY Joel Junker

Misperceptions of Cameron-Brooks Opportunities

The Cameron-Brooks team and the June 2012 Career Conference JMO candidates will arrive in Austin, TX this Friday to kick off our third Conference of the year.  As we make final preparations for the Career Conference, I wanted to share some thoughts heading into it.

My colleague, Joel Junker, recently spoke to a candidate who received a call from another recruiting firm telling the candidate that Cameron-Brooks “recycles” companies.  I also recently spoke to a candidate who had received a call from another recruiting firm stating that we don’t represent any engineering project management opportunities.  I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify a couple of these misperceptions.

With regards to “recycling” companies, what the other firm told the candidate is that we have the same companies coming back to our Career Conference time and again.  I will be the first to tell you that is absolutely correct, and I’m not exactly sure why that is a bad thing.  To me, that illustrates the fact that not only do our client companies believe in our process and program, it also means that our candidates have been very successful at those companies.  Our three original client companies, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and ExxonMobil (formerly Mobil), still recruit from us today and two of the three are attending this June Conference.   We have had alumni retire from these companies.

Now, just because we have a lot of returning companies does not mean we do not have new companies attending the Career Conferences as well.  In fact, in 2011 and thus far in 2012, almost 20% of our companies at each Career Conference have been new additions.  This stems from the fact that as we have placed candidates with companies over the past 45 years, those candidates have been promoted and some have moved on to other companies and they have championed the idea of JMOs in their organizations and have brought those companies to Cameron-Brooks.  We are consistently seeing new companies because our alumni network is quite vast.  We represent a wide array of companies to include FORTUNE 500 companies to smaller, rapidly growing companies to privately held, etc.  We recognize that our candidates have different interests and our companies reflect that diversity.

Regarding the second misperception, we absolutely represent engineering positions in a wide variety of industries and companies, as well as opportunities in manufacturing, operations, consulting, brand management/marketing, professional sales, finance, logistics, etc.  For this June Career Conference, I wanted to break down some of the different career fields in terms of sample companies and positions for which they are recruiting:

For Engineering:  Companies include ExxonMobil, 3M, Koch Industries, L-3 Communications, etc.  Some of the engineering positions include Oil & Gas Project Manager, Biopharmaceutical Engineering Team Leader, Medical Device Product Design Engineer, Oil & Gas Process Designer, High Technology Facilities Manager, Industrial Reliability Engineer, Quality Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, New Product Introduction Engineer, etc.

For Manufacturing/Operations/General Management:  Companies include Boston Scientific, Oldcastle, Wal-Mart, Cintas, etc.  Some of the team leadership positions include Medical Device Manufacturing Manager, Service Manager, Manufacturing Cell Manager, Assistant General Manager, Distribution Operations Leader, Regional Manager, etc.

For Business Analysis & Consulting (Finance, Logistics, Spply Chain Management, Consulting):  Companies include Ernst & Young, Noble Energy, Cameron Valves, Eaton Corporation, FedEx, etc.  Some of the positions at this conference include:  Project Manager, Senior Consultant, Supply Chain Analyst, Quality Manager, Six Sigma Black Belt, Business Development Project Manager, Global Logistics Manager, etc.

For Professional Sales:  Companies include Boston Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, etc.  Some of the positions at this Conference include Field Clinical Representative, Medical Device Headquarters Sales Representative, Sales Development Program, Associate Clinical Sales Manager, Zone Sales Leader Designate, etc.

Continue to follow the blog. Next week, I will write a post on the results from the June 2012 Career Conference.

Rob Davis