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BY Joel Junker

June 2022 Career Conference & The Current Economy

I have spoken with many JMOs recently about trends we are seeing in the market. They often ask, “Is it still a good time to be making a transition?” As we make the final preparations for our third Career Conference of 2022, I wanted to write this blog post to discuss how the June Career Conference is shaping up relative to the current state of the economy.

So, is it a good time to be making a transition?  Are we facing a recession?  These are certainly fair questions to ask as uncertainty about the economy is surely not going to go away, especially at a time when the world is slowly emerging from the pandemic, experiencing conflict in Europe, civil unrest, political divide, etc.  To answer the question about if we are facing a recession: yes, absolutely we are!  To be clear, we are always facing a recession because what goes up must eventually come down.  So, it’s first important to simply recognize a recession is always on the horizon, no matter if that horizon is months away or a few years away.  But the economy does not have to be a point of consternation if you know the facts.

As I write this blog post, we are experiencing some very interesting times in our economy.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov) just released the latest unemployment numbers for the month of May 2022.  The unemployment rate is sitting at a very low 3.6%. To put this in perspective, academic economists will tell you that full employment sits somewhere around 4.2-4.5%.  Additionally, if you are over the age of 25 with a bachelor’s degree or higher (aka the JMO demographic), your unemployment rate sits at an extremely low 2.0%.  Another key statistic is job creation, and for the month of May, U.S. employment increased by 390,000!  Now, all of this is occurring at the same time as U.S. inflation is 8.3% and increasing, and the average price per gallon of gas in the United States is sitting at a whopping $4.96 per gallon.

From Cameron-Brooks’ perspective, the market still remains strong in terms of employment and the need for strong leadership, but there are some indicators of market volatility.  However, with the correct strategy and attitude, it is still a great time to make the successful transition to Corporate America.  In fact, for our June Career Conference candidates, we have a fantastic lineup of companies and opportunities awaiting them this weekend. We expect the average number of interviews to be ~12.8 per candidate, and these candidates will have spent, on average, 10+ months in our Development & Preparation Program (DPP) preparing for their transition.  You can get a great feel for their timeline and the process here.

We are expecting over 55 hiring groups and 41 distinct companies, 5 of which are brand new client companies, to attend the June Conference.  Additionally, we have 28 Cameron-Brooks alumni among the other company recruiters attending to recruit for OPEN positions on behalf of their companies.

Here is a quick sampling of what we have in store for the June candidates:

Sample Industries Include:

Consumer Package Goods (CPG); Consulting; Banking & Financial Services; Pharmaceutical; Robotics; Logistics; Medical Device; Property Management; Oil & Gas; Communications; Facilities Services; Building Materials; Packaging; Environmental Services; Professional Services; and many more.

Sample Companies Include:

Altec Industries, Inc.; Mars, Inc; Motorola Solutions; Pepsico Beverages North America; Boston Scientific; Corning, Inc.; AP-Networks; FedEx Corporation; Johnson & Johnson; Citigroup, Inc.; DaVita Healthcare; EMCOR; Eurofins Scientific; and many more.

Sample Positions Include:

Digital Product Manager; Area Service Manager; Field Process Engineer; Senior Consultant; Business Development Manager; Director of Integrations; Associate Brand Manager; Engineering Section Supervisor; Group Facility Administrator; Senior Financial Analyst; Plant Manager; IT Project Manager; Manufacturing Manager; Director of Operations; Six Sigma Black Belt; Capital Improvement Project Manager; Supply Chain Operations Leader; Strategic Operations Manager; Information Systems Manager; and many more.

Sample Locations Include:

Boston, MA; Houston, TX; Portland, OR; Phoenix, AZ; Chicago, IL; Orlando, FL; Cincinnati, OH; Los Angeles, CA; Charlotte, NC; New York, NY; Dallas, TX; Memphis, TN; Kansas City, KS; Madison, WI; Denver, CO; Atlanta, GA; Seattle, WA; Minneapolis, MN; Omaha, NE; Frederick, MD; St. Louis, MO; Remote Work; and many more.

If you’d like to learn more about how to successfully navigate a transition to business during any type of economy, check out our transition guide on 3 Recession Myths Every Transitioning JMO Should Know.

As always, stay tuned until next week. I’ll be back to post the results of the Cameron-Brooks 2022 June Career Conference!


If you are interested in learning more about discovering your best career fit, exploring your options with Cameron-Brooks and curious about how to make a successful transition, I encourage you to call us at 210-874-1500! You can also check out our website, YouTube Channel, and follow us on LinkedIn.

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