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Business Advice from The Greatest Generation

The Cameron-Brooks team would like to introduce a new guest writer to the blog, Hope Drury! Hope is a Recruiting Specialist for the Cameron-Brooks team, and we are excited to share some of her “millennial musings” as a young business professional. Enjoy!

Business advice from the Greatest GenerationAs a millennial, I’ve had a lifetime to absorb and process years of advice from what has come to be known as, “The Greatest Generation.” My grandmothers grew up in this generation and have colored my life as a young professional in a multitude of (unique) ways. The holidays especially bring these life lessons into perspective, as they’re often spent with family. Some of the life lessons I’ve learned from this generation, I have found, connect particularly well to business.

  1. Hustle. Always.  

My grandmother grew up on a farm in Oklahoma. She’d say, “You rise when the sun rises.” Wake up. Work. Family Time. Bed. Repeat. She had her first job in middle school and helped her parents around the farm. She hustled in childhood and adulthood for her family and her career. All my life, she has led with her actions and encouraged me to work hard and do good. This is especially applicable in the business world (and just in life, really). If you go the extra mile to help out a teammate or volunteer to take on an extra project, your efforts will be noted.

  1. Stand Up Straight.

“Sit up STRAIGHT! Put your shoulders back.” Although I wasn’t a fan of these critiques as a kid, I sure am glad I was taught at an early age to be wary of my posture. Body language accounts for over half of your effectiveness as a communicator. If you exude confidence, people will perceive you to be confident. This is applicable in interviews, meetings and in everyday life.

  1. Look Good, Feel Good.

If you look sharp, decision makers take note. Take time to build a professional, classic wardrobe. Once you start working, observe what your boss and your boss’ boss wears to work. I am not saying you need to copy them exactly, but appreciate the feel and culture of your company and dress accordingly. Whether you are making a first impression in an interview or just a normal Tuesday at work, what you wear and how you wear it always makes a statement! What statement are you trying make by what you wear?

  1. READ.

My grandmother used to hide money in the books she gave as birthday presents. I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but her “hidden incentives” really instilled in me an insatiable desire to read, learn and grow. She encouraged all of her grandchildren to read and read like there was no tomorrow. In business, you need to stay relevant. Following the latest headlines and business articles, as well as learning timeless business principles, are key to keeping up in your industry.

  1. Be Confident. 

If you’ve worked hard to achieve your goals, be proud of your accomplishments. Keep track, take note of your personal goals and achievements, and feel good about the everyday work you do. This confidence can translate directly into an interview setting. Recruiters need to see and FEEL that you are proud of your professional accomplishments and hungry (in the Patrick Lencioni “The Ideal Team Player” sense) for more. They are looking to hire a leader – be confident that their next leader can be you!

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Hope Drury