Career Tips

  • Team Engagement Impacts Business Performance

    What do a splash pad and rapid organizational change have in common? Well, several years ago, I was balancing trying to hit certain goals and metrics for Cameron-Brooks.  I set some pretty aggressive goals and interim performance metrics along the way.  At every meeting, I kept the team updated with where we stood relative to … Continue reading “Career Tips”

  • Self-Awareness Tips for Successful Leadership

    Self-awareness is more important than one might think. “How do you plan on using your leadership coaching education?” This question was recently posed to me by the CEO of an executive search and leadership consulting firm. We met while I was taking classes at Northwestern University for a Leadership Coaching Certificate. I explained to her … Continue reading “Career Tips”

  • The Secret to Career Success? Be Useful.

    The definition for career success seems subjective and elusive.  What one defines as success may be totally different for another.  In fact, what one defines as a career success in his or her twenties is very different from what he or she might define in his or her forties or beyond.  Is a successful career … Continue reading “Career Tips”

  • When Setting Goals, Lead With Growth

    As leaders we have to set goals for ourselves and for those we lead.  In my February 2018 Career Tip, I wrote how goals keep a team engaged and focused.  In this Career Tip, I acknowledge the power of goals, and I also want to address when goals get out of balance.  I believe goals … Continue reading “Career Tips”

  • On Leading Change During A Company Transformation

    The fastest an aircraft carrier can make U-turn is in approximately 3 minutes.  At this aggressive rate, unsecured equipment and people on deck will roll into the sea.  A small speedboat can make a U-turn in a matter of seconds and, while passengers and equipment might tilt to the side, they will remain in place.  … Continue reading “Career Tips”