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BY Cameron-Brooks

The Cameron-Brooks Talent Equation

My colleague and Cameron-Brooks President and CEO, Chuck Alvarez, recently forwarded an article to my colleagues and me which addresses a global shortage of what the author calls “talent”. Even with all of the current and future college graduates, the talent shortage continues and is getting worse.

A potential reason for this is the word “talent” really means leadership shortage.  It is interesting that Cameron-Brooks JMOs can competitively interview for positions in which they are considered non-traditional hires and often times be the top candidates at companies that are also considering internal candidates.

I believe this stems from the fact that we not only partner with top performing JMOs, but JMOs who value the idea of a partnership.  They are proven leaders who are willing to give and serve an organization.  There are a lot of “me attitudes” out in the business world – people who aren’t willing to travel, work weekends, put in extra hours, work a shift, relocate, etc. (even though many of these things not only add value to a business, but can also provide outstanding, learning, and development opportunities that ultimately end up benefiting the employee.)

The bottom line is: the world needs leaders with a growth mindset.  They need leadership talent and leaders who can motivate others through their example.  I think the following equation sums things up rather nicely:

Leadership Track Record + Growth Mindset + Grit = Talent. 

Rob Davis