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BY Joel Junker

The Power of Comparison & the January 2021 Career Conference

2021 has finally arrived!  And while we certainly have our continued challenges, we are excited as to what the new year brings.  On Friday, we will begin our first Career Conference of 2021 and the fifth Career Conference since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic!  In keeping with the protocols to keep all participants as safe as possible, the January Career Conference will once again be held virtually.

In the past year, we’ve had to pivot into conducting virtual conferences, sharpen our business practices, and tweak our processes in order to navigate this “new normal”. And we’ve become a better JMO recruiting firm because of it. The JMOs who have transitioned this past year and those who will attend this upcoming Conference have also had to persevere, work even harder in their preparation, and ensure their transition strategy is in alignment with the current market. This is not an easy thing to do by any means, and all of us at Cameron-Brooks applaud their efforts. We are proud to be their partner!

The average time candidates attending this January Conference have spent in our Development & Preparation Program (DPP) is 13 months.  In this program, they have been exposed to business through our professional reading program, podcasts, webcasts, learned about themselves through our self-assessment and self-analysis tools, spent time in 1:1 mock interviews and workshops, and built resumes with our in-house resume consultant.  Yet still, they have not experienced the true value of what Cameron-Brooks offers  – a CAREER search!

As we put the finishing touches on the Conference, we expect the average number of interviews per candidate to be 11.0.   These interviews will be with a variety of industries, companies, career fields, positions, locations, etc. For our candidates, diversifying the career search is a strong strategy.

Why?  We determine the value of something through comparison (i.e. multiple reference points).  It is very difficult to determine the value of

something in isolation, because we are not born with an innate value-meter. Our assessment of value (or the accuracy of it) is highly dependent on whether we consider something in isolation or by making a comparison.

Think about it.  Do you buy a car considering only one make and model?  Did you choose the college you attended by just visiting and applying to that one school?   We compare + contrast and choose the option that best aligns with what we value most.  Why would you do anything different with regards to a career search, especially when making an industry change?

This is the essence of Cameron-Brooks and the Career Conference process. We help our JMO candidates use the power of comparison before they make decisions, which directly affects the outcome of their future careers.

Now, onto the Conference details. We have a great lineup of companies and opportunities attending the virtual January Career Conference with nearly 40 hiring groups and 27 distinct companies!  Here is a quick sampling of what we have in store for the January candidates:

Sample Industries Include:

Corporate Finance; Banking; Logistics/Transportation; Medical Device; Pharmaceutical; Alternative Energy; Health Care; High Technology; Consumer Package Goods; Building Products; and many more.

Sample Companies Include:

Corning, Inc; Johnson & Johnson; KeyBank; Love’s Travel Stops; Tesla; DaVita Healthcare; Altec Industries, inc.; EMCOR; Schneider National; Catalent, Inc.; and many more.

Sample Positions Include:

Supply Chain Manager; Field Clinical Specialist; Packaging Value Stream Leader; Process Engineer; Senior Manufacturing Engineer; Group Facility Administrator; Director of Pricing & Scheduling; Field Asset Group Manager; Senior Financial Analyst; Digital Strategy & Analytics Manager; Operations Manager; Sales Logistics Director; Manufacturing Supervisor; and many more.

Sample Locations Include:

Boston MA; Phoenix, AZ; New York City, NY; Tampa, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Charlotte, NC; Cincinnati, OH; Santa Clara, CA; Kansas City, KS; Nashville, TN; Los Angeles, CA; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Austin, TX;  and many more.

Finally, check out our podcast on your podcast app or by clicking here.  On the podcast, we interview Cameron-Brooks alumni who are making an impact in the business world. We feature alumni from different military backgrounds who launch their careers in variety of roles across companies and industries. As of this blog post, we have published our 115th podcast episode!

Stay tuned until next week. I’ll be back to post the results of the January 2021 Cameron-Brooks Career Conference!