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BY Joel Junker

The November 2012 Career Conference

The Cameron-Brooks team and the November 2012 Career Conference JMO candidates will arrive in Austin, TX over the next two days to kick off our fifth and final Career Conference of 2012. As we make final preparations for the Career Conference, we want to acknowledge the devastating storms that have impacted the mid-Altantic and Northeast regions.  We have many candidates and client companies living and operating in those areas and our thoughts and prayers go out to all of them and their families in the hope that everyone is safe and well.

We have a great Career Conference scheduled for the next several days.  We have candidates coming from all over  the United States and outside the continental U.S. as well to include a Navy nuclear submarine officer coming from Naples, Italy, an Army Infantry officer from Hawaii, a Marine Corps Combat Engineer from Japan, and a dual Army couple attending from Korea.  This is a testament to the great lengths (and distances) Cameron-Brooks goes to in order to meet and work with our candidates.  This year we have traveled to Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Washington D.C., and Germany. 

We have not traveled to Korea or Japan recently, but we are always evaluating the situation and that could change.  For candidates stationed in those locations, we have special programs and webcasts tailored specifically to them to ensure we are able to provide the best quality service possible.  By meeting and getting to work with our candidates face-to-face, we get to know them very well and that allows us to do a much better job when it comes time to matching that candidate with the right opportunities at a Career Conference.

I also wanted to break down some of the sample industries, companies, and positions for which they are recruiting. Sample industries for the November conference include: Medical Device, Consulting, Construction and Building Products, Industrial, Oil & Gas Exploration, Consumer Products, Logistics,  and more.

Sample companies include: Boston Scientific, Carrier Corporation, Ernst & Young, ExxonMobil, G3 Enterprises, Johnson & Johnson, Koch Industries, Kraft Foods, Linde Group, Oldcastle, and many more. The companies attending this conference represent a wide array of industries and sizes to include the largest Fortune 500 company to a small family-owned privately held company. 

Sample positions include: Manufacturing Engineer, Corporate Procurement, Field Clinical Representative, Manufacturing Supervisor, Applications Engineer, Business Strategist, Senior Consultant, Project Coordinator, Technical Services Engineer, Finance Analyst, Brand Management, Transport Supervisor, Operations Manager, New Product Launch Engineer, and many more.

Although we are still in the process of finalizing the interview schedules, we expect the average number of interviews to be ~12, which is in-line with the previous Career Conferences this year. Continue to follow the blog. Next week, I will write a post on the results from our final 2012 Career Conference.

Rob Davis