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BY Joel Junker

November 2012 Career Conference Results

We just completed our final Career Conference of 2012. 51 candidates and 19 spouses and support team members attended the Conference, and all candidates have companies pursuing them into the follow-up process. The candidates interviewed with an average of 12.2 companies and averaged 7.3 companies pursuing them for a 60% pursuit rate. The entire Cameron-Brooks Team congratulates the November Career Conference candidates on their first successful step in their transition to Corporate America.

At the end of the Conference, my colleague Joel Junker and I typically reflect on the conference, how everything went, what we can do to improve, and we also try to capture the pulse of the candidate group as a whole. The word that seemed to really summarize the November conference group was attitude. They were extremely attentive during all of the presentations and they worked together as a team, helping each other throughout the entire conference. Additionally, they approached each and every interview as if it was the only one they had and really worked diligently to demonstrate their skills and how they could help the companies.  It was a great group of candidates and all of us at Cameron-Brooks are very excited to continue to work with all of them in the follow-up process.

The size of the companies attending our November Career Conference varied from several companies with 250+ employees to companies with over 160,000 employees. There were privately held companies represented, as well as some of the largest companies on the FORTUNE 500 list. Industries included Medical Device, Consulting, Construction and Building Products, Industrial, Oil & Gas Exploration, Consumer Products, Logistics, and more.

Some of the various locations represented included New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Austin, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Chicago, Miami, Madison, WI, Saint Louis, Long Island, Baltimore, and more.

The list of client companies at the November Conference included the following:

  • A $19B food and beverage company with portfolio of beloved, iconic brands and an entrepreneurial spirit to match. Their mission is to be North America’s best food and beverage company. The company has an array of brands that is unprecedented and its products occupy the shelves of 98% of every refrigerator and pantry across this continent. They have attended many career conferences recruiting for business analysis and brand management positions.
  • The world’s largest provider of air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration solutions. This company has a legacy of innovation delivering environmentally sound products to meet customers’ needs. From the Mt. Vernon home of George Washington, to opera houses and airports around the world, to subway systems and universities, this company’s products can be found delivering high quality, energy-efficient HVAC solutions. Whether in the U.S. or in 172 countries around the globe, their products add value to wherever people work, live, or play from private residences and apartments to grand hotels, from sprawling factories to soaring office towers, from theme parks to centuries-old cultural centers. They are an industry leader in energy efficiency, dedicated to creating environmentally sound products and solutions that fulfill their customers’ demands while preserving precious natural resources. They have routinely attended Conferences recruiting for various engineering and business analysis positions.
  • A worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of comprehensive systems and components used in oil and gas drilling and production, tubular inspection, internal tubular coatings, integrated systems, downhole tools, and lifting and handling equipment, as well as in providing supply chain integration services to the upstream oil and gas industry. This company has 700+ locations in every major drilling region in the world. They have attended many conferences in the past recruiting for a variety of engineering, leadership and project management positions.
  • With a business history dating back to the turn of the twentieth century, this FORTUNE 500 company has been a leading developer and supplier in automotive safety. They produce products that include integrated vehicle control and driver assist systems, braking systems, steering systems, suspension systems, occupant safety systems, electronics, engine components, fastening systems, and aftermarket replacement parts and services. They are a primary “tier 1” original equipment supplier with nearly 85% of its end-customer sales made to automobile OEMs, and nearly 90% of its sales derived from safety related products. They attended the conference recruiting for a variety of leadership, project management, and engineering positions.
  • Ranked in the top 10 of the Forbes Private 100 list, this company provides industry-focused assurance, tax and advisory services to enhance value for their clients. With more than 161,000 people in 154 countries, this company’s network shares their thinking, experience, and solutions to develop fresh perspectives and practical advice to leading businesses.

To learn more about the Cameron-Brooks Career Conference experience, I’ve posted several videos from candidates who attended the November Conference on our Facebook site – http://tinyurl.com/dfqoq4 – as well as this video below:

Rob Davis

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HioGcTZxNQ?list=UU0Bm2zrDWB9AHreZtR5XueQ&hl=en_US]