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BY Joel Junker

Development is Important: 3 Ways We Are Putting the “D” in DPP

I recently spoke with a JMO about their potential transition/transition goals, and they expressed some concerns about starting the process too early.  At this point, the officer was about 18 months from a potential transition.  He had, in fact, spoken with other recruiting firms who told him to reach out when he was 3 months from making the transition.  I assured him that he was not too early, and I wanted to elaborate here on the “why” we felt development is important, as I explained to the officer.

The average time candidates will spend in our Development and Preparation Program© (or DPP for short) is right at one year.  Some may be in our program for 3+ years while others a matter of a few months, but the average is about a year.  The point being: is it is never to early to start.  So why begin preparing a year out when others you may know or have spoken with didn’t start their transition until weeks or perhaps a couple of months before they got out?

One reason for the comprehensive nature of our program is that the leadership roles for which our clients recruit are competitive. Our clients have a very high standard and expect that the officers they interview will fit well in the role.  It is imperative that when a transitioning JMO interviews for a role, he or she is effective in the following areas.

  • First, the JMO must communicate their ability and track record. That is, he or she must explain to a hiring manager ideas and concepts that the manager can understand (i.e., non-military terms) and their experience and track record as it specifically relates to the role for which they are interviewing. 
  • Second, the JMO must communicate a sincere desire and interest to lead in the industry, company and position.
  • Finally, the officer must quickly build rapport, allowing a hiring manager to get to know him or her and see the person contributing in the role.

The bottom line: we know that success in the military leads to success in business and we literally have thousands of data points to prove it. We also know, however, that success in the military does not necessarily equal success in a professional interview. It takes time, energy and practice to communicate effectively in an interview.

But the other reason I wanted to address in this blog is “Development”.  There is a reason why we didn’t simply call it the Cameron-Brooks Preparation Program.  The program is not only designed to help JMOs make a successful transition to Corporate America but also give them the tools and resources to be more self-aware so they can be better officers while they still wear the uniform.  This is why the DPP program is not all about business case studies and learning the difference between a balance sheet and an income statement.  In fact, the first two portions of DPP are entitled “ Personal and Professional Self-Evaluation” and “Leadership.”  There are exercises and tools, for example that help our candidates understand and identify ways they have utilized up, cross-functional, and change leadership, analytical thinking, relationship building and building an inventory of their objective and subjective assets.  Armed with this important knowledge they can look for ways to build on their strengths, improve their weaknesses, and become more effective, self-aware leaders in their roles and make their organizations that much better.  

The DPP program has gone through multiple iterations, the most recent of which was last year when it was essentially rewritten to be current and relevant to today’s JMO.  In my (almost) 9 years with Cameron-Brooks, I have never heard a Cameron-Brooks Alumnus say they wish they would have waited to form a partnership with Cameron-Brooks before attending a Career Conference.

Our process and DPP program is extensive and thorough because development is important so our client companies require it.  The comprehensive nature of our Development and Preparation Program© ultimately benefits each JMO with whom we partner, preparing them to better serve in the military and ultimately connect their background effectively in an interview and lead in Corporate America.

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