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November 2013 Career Conference Results

The November 2013 Career Conference candidates and the Cameron-Brooks team have just completed their work in Austin, TX for our final Conference of the year.  We’d like to take the opportunity to compliment the 53 candidates and 21 support team members who attended the Career Conference.  They prepared for an average of 11 months prior to attending this Career Conference and their hard work paid off.  With over 700 interviews over two days and an average of 13 interviews per candidate, the November Career Conference candidates converted nearly 61% of those interviews into company pursuits.  As we both prepared for, and executed the Career Conference, it was exciting to see the level of demand for C-B development candidates.

It was also exciting to see the how many different industries were represented at the Career Conference and the extent of the opportunities to allow the candidates to see how their backgrounds related to a wide variety of industries to include consulting, oil & gas, consumer products, medical device, industrial products, finance, banking, pharmaceutical, etc.  We heard from a number of our client companies who, as they develop their future business plans, knew they wanted to hire junior military officers as significant contributors for their business.  They like the fact that Cameron-Brooks candidates are very proactive in their preparation and their management of their careers.

Another point to note from the recruiters was how much easier it was to make decisions and pursue candidates who took the time to build rapport.  No matter how small or large a company may be, each one has a culture and an environment that the recruiter has a responsibility to uphold.  The candidates who were able to be natural and themselves during the interview allowed the recruiters to see how they would fit within the company.   The ability to communicate in a natural manner comes, in part,  from great preparation.   By spending a lot of time practicing their answers, knowing their resume, etc. it allows the candidates to feel confident and thus communicate in a way that still allows their personality to shine through.

All of us at Cameron-Brooks offer our congratulations to the November candidates on taking their first steps towards their new career in Corporate America.

Rob Davis