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Meet Michelle Spisak-Cameron-Brooks Team Member

If you search the phrase “wear a lot of hats,” a picture of Michelle Spisak should pop up. Since joining Cameron-Brooks in 1996, Michelle has performed almost every role at one point or another. She is one of the critical players helping to aide in the success of our candidates.

Cameron-Brooks Team Member Michelle Spisak
Tell us how long you’ve been with the company and how your role has evolved.
In the 23 years I’ve been with Cameron-Brooks, I have seen so many changes and paradigm shifts in how we do business.  With each of these changes, Cameron-Brooks has remained on top.  We never settle.  We always strive to improve and be the best. It has been an incredible journey that I could not have had with another company. I started out as a Recruiting Team Leader and as my career progressed, I added more jobs, got bigger [military] bases and more responsibility.  Besides assisting candidates through the Development and Preparation Program (DPP) and answering their questions, I also handle all of the Career Conference details including negotiating venue contracts; arranging all staff, candidate and company recruiter rooms; reserving and preparing meeting spaces; coordinating check-in materials and so much more. After Conference, I work with the Follow Up team and keep all the conference candidate files up to date, including interviews, offers and if they declined or accepted that offer.  I keep the information flowing between the Follow Up Team members. I am one of the few in the office that straddles the line between recruiting and follow up.

What is your favorite part of working at Cameron-Brooks?
My favorite part is going to conferences and then following the candidates’ success through the Follow Up process.  However, I also love meeting all the candidates and corporate recruiters and taking care of all the details of the conference itself.  Does everyone have a room? Is the meeting space set up properly?  Is the front desk getting everyone into the correct rooms? Are the buffets ready? Are the right room numbers posted? I guess that means I love my job.

What is your best piece of advice for any JMO considering a transition?
Read and be an avid learner! Never stop growing your skillset and seek to improve your knowledge on a variety of subjects.

What is your most memorable Cameron-Brooks story?
There are times in my career when I have really connected with a candidate. I had the privilege of seeing them through the Development and Preparation program (DPP) and the Career Conference. Then, they come back to a Conference to recruit for their company.  That full-circle journey is very rewarding. There was one Cameron-Brooks alumnus who came back to the Conference and we got a chance to really talk. He thanked me for my patience in working with him as a candidate. He recalled being hesitant about transitioning, wondering if any companies would even pursue him. He let me know that my faith in him and the Cameron-Brooks process made him successful. I can’t tell you how moved I was, and how great that made feel! We really do care about these candidates.

Tell us about your passions outside of the office.
I love cooking. I love reading. I love traveling.

Tell us one thing on your bucket list.
I’m pretty good at checking stuff off my bucket list. Traveling is a BIG part of my bucket list.  Now that my kids are grown and out of the house, I hope to do more of it.  I’d like to travel to Italy and taking cooking classes.  Yes, I think that would be really amazing!

We have an amazing team at Cameron-Brooks. Many of them, like Michelle Spisak, have been with us for decades, which we believe speaks volumes about our dedication to helping both JMO candidates and client companies. Visit our team page to learn more about Michelle Spisak and our other team members.