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BY Joel Junker

Lots of Reasons for Hope and Optimism

I should really just post the link to this column from Jack & Suzy Welch in BusinessWeek and let the column say it all.  However, I know there are a lot of ex-military officers, JMOs and Cameron-Brooks alumni reading our blog for insights from Cameron-Brooks.  So I will add just a few comments.

I once read, “You can either be a uniter or a divider.  Decide what you want to be.”  Rage, anger and pessimism are dividing emotions.  Optimism, hope and encouragement are uniting.  You have a choice every day you go to work to be a uniter or a divider, to go to work and leave it a little better or a leave it a little worse.  What do you choose?  In fact, you will not just make this choice when you get out of bed in the morning but it will be in the little choices you make during your day.

Enjoy the column.  It brought me out of my funk.

Joel Junker